The MUSA Life Training Center in Taraingod, Davao del Norte was made possible with the support of all MUSA supporters around the world.

SAN DIEGO – The Aklan Association of San Diego County (AASD) will present the “2022 MUSA Fashion Show – A Fashion Show for All Generations” on Sunday, August 28, 2022 at Anchors Catering and Conference Center at 2375 Recreation Way. It will be held. San Diego, CA 92136 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Admission is $35 per person.

MUSA fabric costume

Musa Fabric, founded by Joyce, is featured in a fashion show with creatively designed costumes. Importantly, it advocates for the indigenous people of Tagum, Davao City, Philippines. is.

Joy Soo, Founder of MUSA

Featuring 24 support models walking the runway in elaborate and creatively designed outfits from House of Musa designers. Each fabric used in the intricately woven garments by Tagum City State Prison inmates and natives is “fashion for a reason,” added show host and director Cindy Mack. rice field.

AASD’s Hernani Depositar Junior President said:

San Diego County Aklan Association officers (from left): Hernani Depositar, Jr., President. Felmar Mationg, Advisor. Rosa Pagara, Vice President.

“This event introduces our association to our community and in this way we can also help our fellow Filipinos in need,” said Rosa, Vice President of AASD. Pagala added.

For more information, please contact AASD at 619-216-9228 or MUSA Ambassador Cindy Mac at 619-820-9136. n

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