People’s appetite for fashion is returning furiously after years of non-stop activewear. Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) increased by 19% in 2018, indicating fashion and apparel are thriving.

However, as retailers look to capitalize on this post-pandemic boom, there are some key e-commerce trends and opportunities to keep in mind.

Whether shoppers are buying the latest fashion trends or luxury goods, the demand for fashion affects every customer segment. It’s this fad that keeps the industry in step with the e-commerce trend that has broader appeal.

BigCommerce PayPal Report, vertical thinking, provides key insights, statistics, and exclusive research on what your brand may be lacking against your competitors in 2022.

What is included in the report?

  • Cross-border sales and international expansion
  • Improving CX/UX
  • Alternative Payment Method (APM)
  • purchase incentive

Key insights from vertical thinking include:

  • Overall, APAC e-commerce retail saw significant growth in Q1 2022
  • 66% of Australian merchants saw increased sales as a result of offering B.bad debt option
  • 29.7% of respondents said they abandoned online payment methods because their preferred payment method was not offered.
  • 69% of online fashion shoppers have made a purchase abroad in the last 6 months

For an overview of the contents of this extensive report, see below or download the full report here Find out how to implement trends and survive the challenges that come with fashion e-commerce in 2022.

International expansion

Fashion has always been a global market, but it can be difficult for Australian brands to consider selling abroad.With the rise of e-commerce technology and social commerce, selling globally has never been easier However, there are still the following considerations.

How can I sell internationally?

  • Pre-integrated payment solutions
  • Update features like 24/7 chat
  • Create multi-storefront (MSF)/omnichannel capabilities for every region
  • Localization of design and copy
  • Create a secure checkout to instill trust


What’s the first thing someone sees when they visit your online store? Your branding, of course! Branding is just as important as the product. It’s important to make sure your e-commerce store is personalized to convey exactly what you want your space to represent.

Headless stores offer creative freedom on the front end to better showcase a retailer’s brand story without compromising the physical buying experience.

Simply put, a headless store is the separation of backend and frontend, giving retailers the flexibility to integrate their own frontend while using a robust backend system like BigCommerce.

Read the report to learn more about headless stores and how to implement this technology into your own ecommerce store.

Offer an alternative payment method (APM)

To become a truly global brand, offering a variety of currencies and payment methods is essential to reach a global audience and improve international conversions. APM extends to digital wallets available worldwide. apple pay When Google Pay, to region-specific payment options such as POLi in Australia. APM has gained popularity because it offers a hassle-free and direct option for shoppers who don’t want to use traditional forms of online payment. For example, digital wallets and mobile payment options can streamline the checkout process for shoppers, or bypass checkout entirely by auto-filling credentials and billing information.

By enabling APM alongside your existing payment gateways, you gain more options and greater ease of use for your store’s customer experience.

What alternative payment methods are available?

  • BNPL
  • PayPal
  • multi currency

Supported by BigCommerce and PayPal

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