I’ve played a lot of shooter games in my life, but I’ve never seen one like this. fashion police squadIt trades the typical blood and gore, ultra-gritty and dark themes found in many shooters today for a tone that is self-aware, flashy and downright goofy. fashion police squad Make a big impression.as a member of the same name fashion police squad (or FPS for short — pretty resourceful, right?), Sergeant Des is tasked with solving a variety of fashion crimes with a highly useful toolkit of non-lethal weapons. .

fashion police squad
Of course, water is non-lethal!

fashion police squada more casual boomer shooter

This is certainly a game that resembles an old school baby boomer shooter Doom or more recently, evening, but emulates this style of gameplay with a flair of its own. Take different “fashion criminals” and move from level to level. This is people wearing all sorts of ridiculous, horribly ugly costumes.Unlike many other shooters, the arsenal is rather limited, but this is by design and actually works well. fashion police squad There are 1 or 2 weapons to fight against, but using the wrong weapon is ineffective. Weapon switching in Boomer shooters is often critical to conserve ammo and should be considered on the fly. There is no ammo in this game, but you have to switch and choose the right counters against your enemies. This is honestly doom 2016 and its sequel.

Your trading tools are surprisingly creative in concept, from dye-firing shotguns to needle-firing sewing guns. Heck, there’s even an endless supply of sock-stealing gnomes that can chuck on anyone wearing socks and sandals. We’re not blowing our enemies to pieces here. Rather, you’re correcting a horrific fashion mistake in a totally non-serious and funny way.

For many shooters, what makes these guns satisfying is the feedback (sound, impact, gore) from the weapon. fashion police squad I’ve still managed to find a way to make these guns powerful and comfortable to use. The variety of weapons and the stylish pong sounds after repairing a criminal’s costume is a great touch. Throwing needles at is like blowing enemies away with your favorite FPS’s machine gun.

enemy type fashion police squad Gradually increases as you progress through each level. You’ll meet businessmen in gray suits, savages in baggy clothes, Karen in sack dresses, and Guy Fieri’s doppelgangers setting fire. and pretty much everything in between.that pace fashion police squad Introducing enemies is always tense and adds a lot to each encounter in combat. The enemies are very interesting, and while the difficulty of these enemies is on the easy side, it’s always a lot of fun.

fashion police squad
Crocs on the runway? It’s scary!

fashion police squadLevel design in can be very linear in nature. It’s a bit to the game’s detriment, as missions feel like they’re holding your hand. acts as a locked door. The game leads you directly to the location of these scissors, defeating the purpose of key-type items. It doesn’t make sense to have an objective marker that tells you exactly what it is.

It’s disappointing to see how linear these levels are, but there are occasional variations. fashion police squad Mix platforming and action. You’re armed with a belt that not only stuns enemies in combat, but allows you to hang on a pole like Death is some sort of Spider-Man. is a lot of fun. However, I found a few instances where the platforming felt inaccurate and caused quite a few frustrating attempts to move forward.

There are also some special combat encounters that up the ante and add a lot of fun fashion police squad, although these segments may be short. At one point, I went to a rooftop to snipe criminals heading to a televised fashion show, fix their wardrobes, disheveled hair, etc. and blasted fashion criminals in high-speed chases. We see some very creative boss fights throughout, requiring full use of game mechanics and a few twists in the mix .

fashion police squad
What a bizarre adventure this game is!

Style fashion police squad

Mix old and new styles fashion police squad It’s a pretty stylish game in itself. Although the environment is 3D, it definitely has a retro influence due to the pixelated building exteriors and other obstacles. Conversely, the spritework of Des’ weapons and the enemies themselves are entirely 2D, but certainly add a lot of life to the gameplay. His one of my favorite enemies is the Karen tribe.They have the signature Karen Walk – you’ll know it when you see it – and it’s honestly the highlight of my experienceMore fashion police squad.

Complementing the graphics is a super funky, retro soundtrack. It’s not an out-of-place sound coming from an arcade machine’s speakers, nor is the enemy’s voice slightly distorted and intentionally low quality. The announcer also utters various fashionable words when defeating fashion criminals, which definitely enhances the overall arcade retro atmosphere.

This is a game that puts more emphasis on story than other shoots of this caliber.There are a few witty and silly moments filled with fashion and outfit-related phrases, but the story often follows the flow of battle. After every encounter there seems to be some dialogue from Death and his partner or various other characters in the story. lose. Many of the combat encounters that follow are hectic and action-packed, but the dialogue sucks all the adrenaline out of my system instantly.

fashion police squad
It’s time to make laws.

Fashion Police Squad Review | Final Thoughts

When it comes to fashion police squad Style over substance. There are 13 missions in total and some challenges, and I was a little disappointed that it was so short. The game is over when the combat encounters really start to challenge me. fashion police. An FPS like no other. If you’re a fan of the genre, do yourself a favor and see that shooters have a lot more to offer than heartless violence and demonic killing.

TechRaptor review fashion police squad On PC via Steam with a copy provided by the publisher.

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