In addition to these programs, educated students may have access to Pell grants and loans as needed. For more information on financial aid and scholarships, please visit CNM’s Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.

TEACH Scholarship

The TEACH Scholarship provides early childhood teachers who wish to pursue an associate’s, bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in early childhood education with financial support in the form of tuition and books, time off work, and bonuses or raises. Scholarships are also available for students in the Early Childhood Alternative Licensure Program. Details >>

teacher loan forgiveness

The Teacher Loan Forgiveness program is a federally funded program designed to encourage individuals to enter and retain the teaching profession. To qualify for this program, an individual must teach for five consecutive years at a school designated for low-income families. Federal loan forgiveness is available for amounts between $5,000 and $17,500 (for high-need areas such as secondary math, science, and special education). Details >>

teacher loan service

The Teacher Loan-for-Service is intended to proactively address teacher shortages in New Mexico by providing students with financial resources to complete or enhance their postsecondary teacher education ( Alternate teaching license students are also eligible). As a condition of each loan, the student shall declare his or her intention to work as a teacher in the public school system of New Her Mexico. A portion of the loan is waived for each year of service. Her 100% of the loan is eligible for forgiveness if the entire service contract is fulfilled. Penalties may apply if the service contract is not met.

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