On Friday, September 2, Montclair State University held its first day of classes for the fall semester. Students from Montclair State University participated in “First-Day Fits,” where students showed off their first-day outfits in front of University Hall.

The first day of college can be very intimidating. For some students, this is where their style plays a big role in how they adapt to different environments. I use my style as a way to express myself.

During this time, students were able to share what their first day look meant to them and how their style contributed to their overall confidence. shared insights about who and what inspired them to make themselves unique.

Merce Adams, a freshman film and television major, shared why her style teaches her to feel good about herself.

Adams wore an oversized hoodie with ripped fishnet stockings and paired it with her favorite Steve Madden platform boots. Adam explains that outfits like this weren’t always part of her daily routine, and over time she’s become comfortable wearing the clothes she truly loves.

Merce Adams shows off his first day of school look.

Mars Adams, a new student majoring in film and television, shows off what he looks like on the first day of school.
Photo credit: Jajone Cuff

“I wasn’t allowed to wear what I wanted in high school,” Adams said. I feel that confidence is expressed through fashion.”

Mars Adams poses for a quick photo

Merce Adams poses for a photo.
Photo credit: Jajone Cuff

Courtney Theodore, a senior law, law, and social studies major, advises freshmen who want to study fashion on campus to stay true to themselves.

“You’re on campus, so be unique and stand out,” said Theodule. “Don’t be like other people or what other people want to buy.”

Courtney Theodule wears an all brown outfit

Courtney Theodule, a senior law, law, and sociology major, is all dressed in brown.
Photo courtesy Jajone Cuff

Theodule started the fall semester dressed in shades of brown. She paired her pants and brown button-up shirt with a ‘Protect Black Women’ bag from black-owned brand CISE. She then topped it all off with her sneakers in wild patterned Adidas.

Theodule believes that knowing all the trends doesn’t mean you always stand out.

“I like what no one else has,” said Theodule. “I feel like that’s what makes me unique.”

Courtney Theodule showed me the Protect Black Women wallet

Courtney Theodore shows off her ‘Protect Black Women’ purse.
Photo courtesy Jajone Cuff

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of individuality has increased rapidly. As time went on, people started getting obsessed with each other’s styles and favorite clothes.

Freshman biology major Sheridan Harney wore a black and white crop top with ripped low-rise jeans and black Dr. Martens. I wore fancy accessories.

Sheridan Harney showing off her star tote bag

Freshman biology major Sheridan Harney shows off her star tote bag.
Photo courtesy Jajone Cuff

Harney’s style inspiration comes from the early 2000s. She also gave advice on how to incorporate into her own style what other people are really interested in.

“Look at the media you consume and the parts of it. [of] Have fun and take it all in,” Harney said. “Don’t be afraid to express yourself.”

Sheridan Harney poses for first day photos

Sheridan Harney poses for photos on the first day.
Photo courtesy Jajone Cuff

A fashion statement is a way to show off your individuality. With their ability to make their own, these students were proud of what they wore and how they represented themselves on their first day of school.

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