Expanded Digital Services and New PR Partnerships Boost Strategic Direction of Top DC Agency

Falls Church, Virginia, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Focused Image, a full-service branding and digital marketing agency, today announced that it has signed six new government contractors in just 60 days. Boosted by strategic decisions made during the pandemic, the company has partnered with GovCon PR leader Boscobel Marketing Communications to expand its digital marketing services and better serve its B2G and B2B clients. . Focused Image is currently one of the largest independent agency buyers of GovCon digital ads and one of the top buyers of GovCon paid LinkedIn ads. The company’s revenue increased 25% from pre-pandemic levels.

“Whether companies serve other companies or the federal government, their markets are crowded, challenging and evolving. Toby Eckert, President and CEO of Focused Image. “We are honored that so many clients trust us to develop and support their brands.”

Revenue growth comes from various services such as branding and website development, with the biggest growth coming from digital marketing, digital recruitment, social media and public relations.

“One of our decisions during the pandemic was to deepen our expertise in the high-demand areas of digital marketing and social media and partner on PR services. Dave Scanlon, Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning at Focused Image. “Teaming up with Boscobel was a natural next step as we have been providing joint services to our clients for years.”

The new Focused Image clients are geographically distributed throughout the country. Companies of various sizes, from small to medium-sized contractors, provide various technological services to governments, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, mission assurance, big data and data analytics.

About focus images

Focused Image is a full-service branding and digital marketing company that builds exceptional brands and end results for B2B and B2G organizations. Led by a team of communication, design and digital media experts, the company applies his unique BrandNew™ branding methodology to make an organization, product or service unique, engaging and relevant to its customers. reveal things. For over 30 years, Focused Image has combined effective strategy with compelling creative to inspire action.located in the metro washington dc Locally, the company supports organizations nationwide. www.focusedimage.com

About Boscobel Marketing Communications

Boscobel is a boutique public relations and marketing company that serves government contractors only. Since opening its doors more than 40 years ago, Boscobel has provided customers with industry-first, innovative solutions that build companies and solutions while simultaneously elevating their profile and building their brand. Our professional practices in M&A communications and pre-RFP marketing are key differentiators. Boscobel is a women-owned small business. www.boscobel.com

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