Ellen DeGeneres’ fashion adviser, Kellen Richards, has revealed her opinion on dressing Britney Griner in menswear for the upcoming ESPY Awards. ‘s menswear tastes presented a unique challenge for her. She then compared the fashion tastes of her two clients, Ellen DeGeneres and Britney, to her Griner.

During a behind-the-scenes interview session for Conan O’Brien’s late night show in 2013, Griner took on the task of choosing outfits for the upcoming ESPY with stylist Kellen Richards. During the interview, Richards was candid about Griner’s fashion choices.


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Ellen’s Fashion Advisor on Britney Griner’s menswear selection

Britney Griner seemed more concerned about her ESPY outfit three days later before appearing on Conan in front of a national television audience. I was absorbed in a casual conversation about

In fact, Kellen Richards highlighted the difference between Griner’s and Ellen’s fashion choices.Join Ellen in choosing women’s clothing and adding a touch of menswear‘ explained Richards.

For Britney, it’s all men’s.and it’s edgy,” she added.

By the way, Britney Griner has always been drawn to men’s clothing.In fact, she’s always felt uncomfortable wearing women’s clothing.

However, the outfit made her so uncomfortable and embarrassing that she had to abandon that route altogether. garnered criticism.

Fighting Greiner’s Gender Norms

Britney Griner has battled gender norms all her life. From an early age, he was bullied and harassed because of his unique appearance.


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As a 6’9-inch WNBA center, Griner clearly doesn’t resemble the average woman’s appearance. As a result, she often faced abuse because of her tall and skinny features.

Additionally, her clothing choices and sexual orientation further accentuated the deluge of jibes thrown at her on various platforms. I am adamant in her efforts to ignore rhetoric that is full of racism.


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Instead, Griner is trying to show support for anti-bullying campaigns. She also encourages children facing problems similar to hers to embrace therapy.

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