ROMNY, W.V. — Tyric Powell had 140 rushing yards in the first half to lead the Frankfort Falcons to a 50-3 win over the Hampshire Trojans.

“I’m proud of the kids’ efforts,” Frankfort head coach Kevin Whiteman said. “We minimized the mistakes we made last week, so that’s a good step in the positive direction. I hate and despise this kind of game. Hampshire are young and will get better.”

Powell was the talk of the first half. He had 80 yards in the first quarter and 140 yards by halftime with two touchdowns. His first was 21 yards out with 20 seconds remaining in the first quarter. With 5:39 left in halftime, he found a hole in the middle and had 62 yards home.

“They were great,” Powell said on Offensive Line.

Landen Kinser dropped the snap on the extra point, but was able to give Kaiden Mackenzie a 2-point conversion.

“I never went for two,” Whiteman said. “It was a bad snap.” It was just a bad snap, I never intended to go for two.”

The Falcons decided to attempt a 31-yard field goal on first down with 2:45 remaining. The kick went about half way into the end zone. Whiteman said he did it out of sportsmanship.

“I’ve never coached a team to raise scores and embarrass other teams,” he said. “I know some people probably don’t think so, but it’s definitely true.”

Parker VanMeter also influenced Frankfort. He scored two touchdowns in the first half for 21 yards with 8:42 remaining.

Luke Robinett opened the scoring for the Falcons. With 9:44 in the first quarter, he scored from one yard on a quarterback sneak.

The Trojans were unable to mount an attack in the first half. Eversole went 7-for-13 for 23 yards and also threw an interception to Robinette. Their leading rusher was Brennan Bricker, who had 9 yards on 5 rushes. Hampshire gained 16 rushing yards in the first half combined, while Frankfort racked up 201 yards.

“We have to get healthy. We have to be better for next week,” said Hampshire head coach Aaron Rule. “Our men need to soak in it. They need to watch the game film to see what we did wrong and where we made mistakes.”

Trojan mistakes continued in the second half. On the opening kickoff, Hampshire bounced the ball and Alex Smith recovered it for the Falcons at 23. Two plays later, Kinser walked from six yards out.

Eversole found Caleb Vandevander in the middle of 37 yards. Bryson Richardson set up a 31-yard field goal to prevent the shutout.

“We had a pretty good kicker and a good field goal team, so we went with that,” Rule said. “We wanted to have a positive note to go out with.”

Smith added another touchdown for Frankfort in the fourth quarter, 34 yards down the left flank.

For Frankfort, Robinett went 3-for-3 for 96 yards. He also rushed three times for 27 yards and a touchdown. He also intercepted one pass in defense.

Rocky Fontenot recorded five rushes for 44 yards. Kinser had 12 and his two rushes for the score. Smith had six carries for 50 yards and scored one. Anderson III led the team with two catches for 76 yards. Powell also recovered a fumble on special teams.

Whiteman said of Powell, “He works hard in the weight room. ‘He loves football. I’m really proud of the way he runs.'”

In Hampshire, freshman Ebersole, in his second national team game, finished 15-10 with 86 yards and an interception. Xander his Robinson recorded his two rushes for his 26 yards and led the team. Vandevander recorded his four catches for 42 yards. On defense, Hayden Haslacker had his 1 sack.

“I walked in the room and took full responsibility,” Rule said. “As the head coach, I told them I wanted them to be better prepared, and I apologized to them and told them I let them down. Week after week, week after week, I have to prepare better.”

Hampshire will play Rockridge in Ashburn, Virginia at home in Romney, West Virginia, and Frankfort will travel to Washington in Charlestown, West Virginia, on Friday.Both games kick off at 19:00

“The road is going to get rough,” Whiteman said. “We have a tough game ahead of us, but we are not world champions. We are doing a good job, we are working hard, but we are definitely not world champions.”

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