Lake Mary, Florida – Walk into It Suit Me, a custom apparel store in Lake Mary, and you’ll quickly realize that this is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

First clue? All mannequins are dressed in bright colors and bold patterns. There are spicy oranges, greens, pinks and purples, with accessories to complement them all.

The man behind the array of colors is Lawrence Mason.

When News 6 visited his store at 154 N. 4th Street to talk about his love of suits, Mason said he toned down a bit what he wore for the interview.

Remember: He wore a three-piece suit that fit like a glove.

He said that wherever he goes, he always plans to be the best-dressed person in the room.

Mason said with a smile.

He had stolen goods—and some.

He said he felt a little different the moment he put on his suit.

“You have to pull your shoulders back, stick your chest out and keep your head up,” he explained.


As he toured the custom suit shop on News 6, he pulled out a suit with a pop of color.

Then I explained how to mix and match certain colors and patterns.

His bright collection of suits, ties, shoes and other accessories is not for the underdog.

A man who walks into his custom-made shop leaves with a different attitude.

Mason said there is something about a nice suit that enhances the man who wears it.

“Your credibility goes up. The way you walk changes. Your story changes. Your demeanor changes. The level of respect you get changes,” Mason said.

It’s hard to believe Mason just dressed a man in Central Florida for five years.

Prior to opening the store, he spent nearly 30 years as a firefighter at Lake Mary and 10 years in the reserves at Sanford.

You’d think a man who wears a uniform almost every day would be thrilled to dress down if given the chance.

A uniform is like a suit for him, he said. and he loved it.


“I love that uniformity part when I was a firefighter or a police officer,” he explained. “Because when you’re dressed as a firefighter and you’re in Class A or Class B, you’re at the top of the scale. We’re a paramilitary organization, so you’re just below the military. That’s where I got the inspiration to become a suit store.

Now he shares his inspiration with others. His customers know he won’t run into another person wearing the same thing.

Mason said he’s busy all year round. Whether it’s a wedding, prom, or Kentucky Derby, there are always special events where men want to dress up to impress.

He said he enjoys watching men transform when they step into things they never imagined they could wear.

The customer said his tailored and custom suits and rentals will be delivered to his door, but it’s a service that keeps them coming back.


Mason said it should be.

“No one I know provides that level of service. It just makes me feel better. My customers, they love it. Get out there.” Stand up, stretch your arms, and when you’re done, you’re all together,” he said.

He also said there is a certain amount of trust, especially with men who are accustomed to wearing only basic brown, blue and black suits. Having said that, if you want to take it to the next level, he’s the one who can help you do it.

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