Grantee state 2022/2023 Awards University of Alaska Anchorage AK $261,885 Talladega College Al $292,305 Troy University Al $254,625 University of Montevallo Al $274,983 Miles College Al $261,888 Harding University AR $274,983 University of Arkansas Little Rock AR $243,041 Henderson State University AR $261,888 University of Arizona Board of Trustees, University of Arizona AZ $261,887 California State University, Dominguez Hills Foundation california $264,431 California State University Fullerton california $261,888 Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. california $264,428 Trustee, University of California, Los Angeles california $274,983 Regent of the University of California (Davis) california $299,983 California State University San Marcos california $261,888 University of San Diego california $267,841 San Jose State University Research Foundation california $289,267 Trustee of the University of California, Santa Barbara california $261,887 California Lutheran University california $261,886 Sonoma State University california $261,888 University Enterprises, Inc dba Sac State Sponsored Research california $254,257 California State University Long Beach Research Foundation california $261,888 California State University Fresno Foundation california $314,266 university regent.University of California, San Diego california $296,520 Loyola Marymount University california $261,888 California State University Stanislaus california $261,887 California State University East Bay Foundation california $259,486 Humboldt State University Sponsored Program Foundation california $261,888 University of Northern Colorado CO $300,988 University of Colorado Denver CO $261,888 Councilor, University of Colorado CO $261,888 University of Connecticut CT $261,888 Wesleyan University CT $261,888 University of Delaware DE $261,888 University of Central Florida Board of Trustees Florida $118,288 University of Florida Board of Trustees Florida $261,888 Florida International University Board of Trustees Florida $274,979 Morehouse College GA $303,044 Fort Valley State University GA $261,888 University of Georgia GA $261,889 University of North Georgia GA $261,888 Georgia Southern University Research & Services Fdn, Inc. GA $261,888 Boise State University identification $267,841 Idaho State University identification $261,888 Trustee of the University of Idaho identification $261,194 Northeastern Illinois University Illinois $261,888 Knox College Illinois $300,034 Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees Illinois $272,364 University of Illinois Board of Trustees Illinois $333,885 Roosevelt University – Chicago, Illinois Illinois $269,404 DePaul University Illinois $261,170 Chicago School of Professional Psychology Illinois $260,583 Purdue University of $329,475 Earlham College of $242,129 Kansas State University KS $293,317 University of Kansas Research Center KS $323,066 Wichita State University KS $293,316 Emporia State University KS $261,888 Eastern Kentucky University kentucky $261,888 Murray State University kentucky $267,841 Xavier University Louisiana LA $274,982 University of Louisiana Lafayette LA $321,409 Louisiana State University LA $321,406 University of New Orleans LA $261,888 University of Massachusetts Boston MA $320,307 Suffolk University MA $261,888 Wellesley College MA $261,888 Board of Trustees of Boston College MA $267,841 University of Maryland – College Park MD $329,737 University of Maryland – Baltimore County MD $299,981 Wayne State University MI $261,622 Central Michigan University MI $275,516 Northern Michigan University MI $253,769 Siena Heights University MI $284,772 Grand Valley State University MI $300,705 Eastern Michigan University MI $261,888 University of Augsburg Minnesota $261,885 Minnesota Morris University Minnesota $261,888 Saint Scholastica College, Inc. Minnesota $293,316 St Olaf College Minnesota $261,888 Bemidji State University Minnesota $261,888 Trustee of the University of Minnesota Minnesota $348,828 Central Missouri University mo $289,267 Curator, University of Missouri mo $299,945 Truman State University mo $303,554 Southeast Missouri State University mo $261,888 Jackson State University MS $261,888 University of Mississippi MS $299,980 Delta State University MS $260,774 Southern Mississippi University MS $261,888 Montana State University MT $261,888 North Carolina Central University NC $261,888 Fayetteville State University NC $261,888 Johnson C. Smith College NC $261,195 North Carolina State University NC $261,888 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill NC $256,648 University of North Carolina at Greensboro NC $260,631 St. Augustine College NC $261,888 University of North Dakota ND $289,267 Board of Trustees, University of Nebraska, University of Nebraska-Lincoln NE $261,888 University of New Hampshire System NH $322,002 Rutgers, New Jersey State University new jersey $261,888 Bloomfield College and Seminary new jersey $261,888 Rutgers, New Jersey State University new jersey $302,741 rider university new jersey $261,888 Keene University new jersey $261,878 New Jersey Institute of Technology new jersey $261,888 University of New Mexico NM $275,076 New Mexico State University NM $261,888 Board of Directors, NSHE obo University of Nevada, Las Vegas NV $275,506 Board, NSHE, University of Nevada, Reno obo NV $274,983 Board of Trustees, NSHE obo Nevada State University NV $261,888 CUNY Research Foundation on behalf of Hunter College CUNY New York $261,888 Research Foundation of SUNY on behalf of U. of Buffalo New York $321,411 Rochester Institute of Technology New York $261,888 St. Lawrence University New York $269,978 Mercy College New York $261,888 CUNY o/b/o John Jay College Research Foundation New York $282,828 University of Rochester New York $305,445 SUNY Research Foundation of Brockport New York $355,618 State University of New York Research Foundation New York $297,226 Cornell University New York $261,888 Clarkson University New York $261,888 SUNY Research Foundation representing SUNY Geneseo New York $261,875 Syracuse University New York $266,191 St. John’s University New York $255,936 University of Cincinnati Oh $272,376 Kent State University Oh $272,364 Bowling Green State University Oh $261,888 East Central University all right $293,316 University of Central Oklahoma all right $250,878 Oklahoma State University all right $261,888 Southern Nazareth University all right $261,637 Southern Oregon University Also $274,983 Portland State University Also $274,983 Ganon University PA $261,888 Pennsylvania State University – University Park PA $352,928 University of Pittsburgh PA $261,888 Inter American University Puerto Rico, San German Campus public relations $299,981 University of Rhode Island RI $261,888 University of South Carolina TRIO Columbia Campus SC $278,224 Winthrop University SC $261,888 Tennessee State University TN $261,888 Lee University TN $261,888 East Tennessee State University TN $299,981 Texas Tech University TX $261,888 Sulu Ross State University TX $261,888 University of Texas at San Antonio TX $269,511 Sam Houston State University TX $274,983 University of Texas at Austin TX $261,888 Our Lady of the Lake, University of San Antonio TX $267,841 West Texas A&M University TX $275,516 Baylor University TX $261,888 Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi TX $261,310 Texas A&M University-Kingsville TX $289,981 University of North Texas at Dallas TX $261,888 Abilene Christian University TX $267,670 Southern Methodist University TX $261,888 University of Texas at Arlington TX $295,336 Texas Christian University TX $293,243 St Edwards University TX $274,983 trinity college TX $261,888 Lamar University TX $259,198 St. Mary’s University San Antonio, TX TX $261,804 Texas A&M University Commerce TX $254,261 Texas Women’s University TX $261,888 Texas State University TX $261,888 Texas Southern University TX $261,888 Hampton University VA $261,883 Virginia Union University VA $261,888 Virginia Commonwealth University VA $261,888 Castleton College VTs $261,888 Eastern Washington University Wa $299,981 Central Washington University Wa $261,888 Washington State University Wa $267,841 University of Washington Wa $275,516 Heritage University Wa $261,887 University of Wisconsin Lacrosse W.I. $261,284 WI University of Stout WI System Board of Trustees W.I. $261,888 Beloit College W.I. $261,888 University of Wisconsin System Advanced Bachelor’s Degree W.I. $261,888 University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh W.I. $261,888 University of Wisconsin System Board of Trustees W.I. $293,316 UW System Board of Directors, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee W.I. $302,643 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire W.I. $275,516 Marquette University W.I. $324,726 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater W.I. $289,902 Concord University WV $299,981 University of Wyoming Wyoming $342,835 $51,749,980

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