Towards the end of the 2021-22 social season — a season that never ends — party planners at Cox Science Center and Aquarium have found a way to end the season that never ends.

A party to celebrate the coming season.

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More than 200 people agreed and gathered on April 12th to kick off the 2023 Smarty Party.

Kathleen Crampton, Catherine Eyre When rain Rogers Champagne, hors d’oeuvres, a kick-off chair that included up close and personal observations of the new telescope at the Willis H. du Pont Observatory, and much chatter about the capital campaign.

The 2023 Smarty Party, themed “Golden Eye: Revealing the Hidden Universe”, will be held at the Science Center on January 19th, Dr. Alex Lockwood.

Lockwood, a project scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute, shares graphics and imagery from the James Webb Space Telescope.

Webb’s infrared detection technology reveals hidden universe: stars shrouded in dust clouds, water in otherworldly atmospheres and first light from earliest galaxies ever formed .

Wilbur and Hilary Ross, Howard Cox and John Paulson

“Each year, Smarty Party invites dynamic and engaging speakers to share their research and unique stories. Kate Alitza, President and CEO of Cox Science. “Our 2023 event will be no exception. Event leaders will be starring in exciting plans including sharing news about our expansion as we keep all our minds open to science. Kick off was a great arrival to all the signature events we have to look forward to.”

Crampton, Eyre and Rogers chair the Smarty Party.

Female honorary president Wendy Bingham Cox, Christine Stiller, Frances Fisher, Mary Freitas, Elizabeth Gordon When caroline Rafferty.

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