The Green Carpet Fashion Awards are coming to LA for Oscar Week.

Previously held in Milan, this stylish awards event celebrates environmental and social sustainability in the fashion and entertainment industries and will take place March 8 in Los Angeles. , Viola Davis, Sim Liu, designer and director Tom Ford, and model Quanna Chasinhorse will headline the night.

Livia Firth, Green Carpet Award promoter and founder of sustainability consultancy Eco-Age, said in a statement: “Sustainability solutions are intersectional solutions, and we all need to come together to build a strong pathway around human and environmental justice. GCFA does just that — collectively. It’s the level of commitment and focus we all need to reflect, bringing together two powerful and interconnected industries to step up towards transformation.”

Eco-activist Firth founded the Green Carpet Challenge in 2010, where celebrities make sustainable choices on the red carpet, and launched the Green Carpet Awards in 2017.At the end of last year, Firth and Eco-Age also GCC style handbooka guide for celebrities and fashion stylists to navigate how to be environmentally friendly and encourage fans to make conscious choices too.

In 2012, Davis entered the Green Carpet Challenge wearing a Giorgio Armani gown made from recycled soda cans, and Blanchett, a flag-bearer of the Rewear movement, wore a previously worn dress rather than a newly created outfit. chose to wear it on the red carpet.Ford’s commitment to sustainability includes his Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Watch.

Regarding upcoming award events, Firth added: Rather, it is the recognition of an industry that needs to harness its power for people and the planet. Fashion is a multi-sectoral industry that touches the lives of billions of people around the world and depends on a healthy biosphere. It must use its range and power to bring about purposeful change. “

Set and production designer Stefan Beckmann serves as the creative director of the award, with modeling agency pioneer Bethan Hardison, model Amber Barreta, designer Christopher Bevans, trend Ton Goodman, Sustainability Editor. Green Carpet Fashion Awards partners and supporters include L’Oréal, Farfetch, Candiani Denim and 1 Hotel West Hollywood.

Livia Firth

Livia Firth

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