ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – September is the month that ushers in a new fashion season. We took the opportunity to meet Alexandria-based stylist Havin Baucom II and his wife, lifestyle and style influencer Christina Baucom. A federal employee, his Baucoms are also fashion enthusiasts immersed in the industry by creating digital content and curating unique looks for clients. Their philosophy is to wear what makes you feel good. In this edition of Alexandria Noir, we delve into the Bocombes’ fashion aesthetic and learn what inspires them.

zebra: Fashion is clearly your passion. What made you both want to enter the fashion industry?

Mr. Baucom: Until I was 22, someone asked me what I was passionate about and what I really loved. , I came to appreciate what makes Havin happy. It was then that I realized that I had been interested in fashion since I was a child. From my earliest recollections, I was passionate about using my creativity and limited resources strategically to develop a fashion aesthetic that led me to work for several Fortune 500 companies and then my own. moved to create a brand for

Mrs. Baucombe: The appreciation I have for fashion started in my home. My parents are very fashionable and obsessed with their image and how they present themselves to others. Their basic construction sparked my interest in fashion. For me, it provides a fun outlet to express myself. The pandemic has allowed me to fuel my passion by launching blogs and social media platforms. I believe your clothing choices can express who you are before you even open your mouth.

zebra: What is your styling process?

Mr. Baucom: A major factor in my process revolves around opportunity and weather. For example, if you have to attend a formal event in the summer, wear light colors and fabrics that are breathable for the weather. Get into styling.

Mrs. Baucombe: My process aligns with my mood and what I want to wear on that particular day. Over the past two years, I’ve become more spontaneous with my fashion choices, and due to the nature of my profession as a federal attorney, I’ve embraced bold, bright colors that I wouldn’t have explored pre-pandemic. I have challenged myself to wear it.

zebra: What influences your style aesthetic? Are there any style icons that inspire you?

Mrs. Baucombe: It can be said that my mother’s style left an impression on me. But if she could dress as well as anyone in the world, it’s Rihanna. I am in awe of how fashion forward she is and how she can wear anything and make it her own. I try to fuse it into looks that express my love for silhouettes.

Mr. Baucom: My inspiration comes from my community. I draw ideas from everyone because the aesthetic aspect of each person inspires me to generate ideas that enhance my style. Actor Omari Hardwick. PowerEverything he wore, from business to casual attire, was perfect and appropriate.

zebra: What are the fashion staples everyone should have in their fall rotation?

Mr. Baucom: For formal or business functions, we highly recommend everyone have a blue blazer in their closet. For those who don’t dress up at all, a dark burgundy or green bomber jacket is the perfect alternative for the cooler months of fall.

Mrs. Baucombe: My fall staple is a structured coat. A particularly structured camel colored coat. Simply slip it over your workwear or sweatsuit for a higher-grade look.

zebra: What is your favorite place in Alexandria and why?

Mr. Baucom: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in Old Town is my number one. I have never had ice cream that compares to their ice cream and find myself there all the time. I get three scoops of her every time I go and make sure the Texas sheet cake and coffee ice cream are always part of my order.

Mrs. Baucombe: I love Italian food and Alexandria has some of the best options. Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza and Mia’s Italian Kitchen are our staples. The ambience of these restaurants is perfect for date nights or hanging out with friends. When it comes to shopping, I’m a big fan of mint condition.

zebra: What’s next for Baucoms?

Mr. Baucom: I recently launched my own clothing line, H. Baucom, which focuses on custom suits and formal wear. This brand specializes in meeting the styling needs of the groom and groomsmen for their wedding.We make everything from shirts to pants.

Havin Baucom II (Photo: Shenise Foster)

Mrs. Baucombe: I was offered the opportunity to work as a brand ambassador for Express’ holiday campaign. We will also create digital content that resonates with people and show how fashion fits into their daily lives.

Christina Baucom (Photo: Shenise Foster)

Zebra readers can follow Havin Baucom’s Facebook ( and Instagram page ( or schedule a styling appointment at 202-888-7329.

Zebra readers should read Christina Baucom’s blog, Sharp and Sound Style ( She is also on her Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.

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