Times Observer Photo: Bryan Ferry Hope Clinic at the intersection of Lander Route 957 and Miller Hill Road opened in June.

The Lander Hope Clinic was founded on Janine Beard’s experience.

A few years ago, Beard was listless and exhausted. It hurts when he moves. She was trying to improve her own life.

“She heard about a functional medicine doctor in Ohio and, having nothing to lose, made an appointment that would change her life and the lives of countless others.” said her husband, John Beard. “At that appointment, she was told that almost all the conditions she had were nutrition-related, and that each could be reversed by making changes in her daily life choices.

It was worth a visit.

“Doubtful but hopeful, Janine kept track of the changes day by day.” John Beard said. “In less than 30 days, 29 of Janine’s 30 complaints have been fully resolved.”

This experience had a cascading effect on her life.

She wanted to know more about functional medicine. She wanted to know what caused her problem. And she wanted to know how the change was accomplished so quickly.

“That personal journey has led Janine to collaborate and partner with Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Nobel Prize-winning author of Chinese studies, and many other prominent leaders in the fields of nutritional science, medicine, and medical research. It led me to do it.”

Also, she went back to medical school and completed a nursing degree.

In June, the Bears opened the Lander Hope Clinic at the intersection of US 957 and Miller Hill Road.

We provide antenatal care and care for a wide range of age groups, from newborns to the elderly.

3,000 square feet of space has “Full X-ray capabilities, an ultrasound machine, a respiratory monitor, and a host of other tools to help find the source of your particular problem.”

It works on the basis of functional medicine, said Beard, “This means that clinicians look to find the root cause of the problem and reverse the condition. Clinicians may recommend herbal remedies, nutritional changes, genetic testing, and other nontraditional methods to treat existing health problems.”

Staff includes family nurses, nurses, sonographers, radiographers, and a full-time nutritionist/herbalist.

Our clinic does not accept medical insurance. Treatment fees are posted in the waiting room.

Clinic hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Reservations can be made by calling (814) 593-0011. Emergencies are inevitable.

For more information about the clinic, please visit www.landerhopeclinic.com or email us at info@landerhopeclinic.com.

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