Las Vegas, August 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Heartdub recently attended Magic Las Vegas to showcase all kinds of digital products and the sustainable development of the fashion industry. As the hottest booth in the Supply Chain + Technology exhibit area, Heartdub was packed with visitors from day one to the end of the show. Everyone fell in love with Heartdub ONE’s latest offering. Intense visuals immersed visitors in the digital world Heartdub built, and an entirely new interactive experience immersed visitors in virtual reality.

Heartdub ONE is the “Newtonian Engine of the Metaverse”, which uses ramming technology to open up a passageway to the virtual world and make the virtual world feel infinitely closer. For all visitors to the exhibition, the digital world is no longer far away, but at their doorstep.

Driven by innovation, Heartdub’s engineers demonstrated their professionalism at the trade show.Some trending topics such as How to Enable Traditional Enterprises to Transform Digitally, and How to Use Technology to Create Digital Twins with Physical Objects and “How to promote the development of sustainable fashion through digitalization” were discussed in detail with visitors at the exhibition.

The Heartdub co-founder also attended the event and gave a public speech. With his detailed explanations, he provided his audience with obscure technical terms in a complete and understandable way. More and more visitors were drawn to his Heartdub booth to experience digital products, feel disruptive technological advances and envision the future of sustainable fashion together.

Heartdub at Magic Las Vegas concluded successfully, Heartdub received nearly 1,000 purchase intents at this year’s MAGIC Las Vegasthe four-day event in Vegas has come to a successful conclusion.

MAGIC SHOW is currently the only professional apparel and fabric exhibition in the world that offers the most comprehensive services from raw materials to finished products and related industrial chains. This year’s exhibition spans over 200,000 square meters and attracts 96,000 professional visitors. usa Over 110 countries and territories. More than 3,200 exhibitors, from about 5,500 brands he brought products in 21,000 categories.According to official statistics, the success rate of MAGIC is Las Vegas Reaching 80% this year, Heartdub has taken advantage of this large-scale exhibition to achieve another year of success.

ever since August 2021, MAGIC SHOW officially returned to the VEGAS LVCC exhibition hall. Heartdub said it took him nine years to fully prepare for the MAGIC SHOW. He showed the world the fascination of the technology that physics engines bring and demonstrated the strengths Heartdub has built up over the last nine years.Whether it is researching and upgrading technology, building and precipitating a brand, or accumulating and reconciling experience, all the time and efforts have led to a positive answer in MAGIC’s debut Las Vegas.

The show was also attended by three of Heartdub’s virtual human colleagues. Riley, Jessica, and Rosa (left to right in the photo below) have different skin tones, personalities, and futuristic looks. Audiences showed high interest and interest in her three virtual employees, even asking for contact information for more in-depth virtual communication. These virtual employees fully demonstrate her Heartdub corporate values ​​of creativity, diversity and inclusion.

MAGIC’s “heartwarming gift” Las Vegas Shipped on the first day of the event. Everyone was interested in this “digital to physical” gift. Is there a gap between real and virtual?

But Heartdub’s technical prowess never disappoints. The moment the visitor received the physical gift and compared it with the software design, everyone was impressed with the perfect reproduction of the design. This gift is the best proof that we have achieved “Cost Reduction and Efficiency” with our products.

Two important partners also came to MAGIC Las Vegas This year, Heartdub, Jiangsu Jujie, a microfiber company with nearly 30 years of history in high-end textile materials, and New YorkBased designer brand.

With the concept of exploring the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology, Jujie Microfiber combines polymer chemistry, differentiated spinning, application of bio-based degradable materials, water-based polyurethane, and microfiber pile technology like premium suede. Has a deep accumulation in the field. .

Jujie Microfiber participated in the exhibition with new fabrics to showcase more environmentally friendly and innovative materials and better industrial design. Jujie Microfiber’s belief in ‘benefiting communities and people’ aligns with Heartdub’s vision of ‘making the world a better place’. The two companies joined forces to participate in the exhibition, raising recognition with their advanced barrier technology and brand concept.

Heartdub’s long-term partner DANZ was founded by Danica ChenOne of Teen Vogue’s most promising up-and-coming designers, she has seen her creations worn by major international celebrities and featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, T Magazine and more. We are boldly innovating and challenging the traditional fashion system. Its scope is not limited to fashion and clothing, but also includes a combination of technology, culture and art.

Heartdub and DANZ explore and fuse technology and fashion in their respective fields to create a better future.

At the exhibition, Heartdub demonstrated its determination to use greener and digital means to empower design, enhance sales and dedicate itself to the sustainable development of the fashion industry. The brand concept, which emphasizes environmental protection and Tech for Social Good, was also well received by the community.

The four days of the exhibition were very rewarding and all the Dubers at Heartdub were blown away by the recognition Heartdub received for all their preparation and effort. Heartdub’s vision to make the world a better place has been reinforced once again.

Heartdub will continue to refine its products, promote the development of digital transformation, walk with pioneers, and strive for sustainable development and zero-waste manufacturing.

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