Henry Ford Health + Michigan State University Health Sciences announced funding for five cancer research grants of up to $100,000 each. These five grants follow the first wave of funding from the partnership. 18 pilot grants Up to $25,000 in funding each for May 2022.

“We are excited to support the groundbreaking work of our dedicated researchers who are advancing the field of cancer care, helping to close healthcare gaps and improve outcomes for cancer patients.” I am proud of Ben Mobsas, M.D.Health Sciences Cancer Committee Chair and Medical Director henry ford cancer“These highly impactful research initiatives, 40% of which directly address cancer inequalities, provide important insights into some of the most challenging issues facing the cancer community today. It will help gain insight, which in turn will benefit patients and make a difference in many lives.”

In total, Henry Ford and Michigan State University (MSU) researchers submitted 26 consolidation grant proposals for this latest wave of funding. Each research grant includes a Henry Ford Health Principal Investigator, an MSU Principal Investigator, and key personnel from both organizations.

“The spirit of collaboration that exists among researchers at our world-class institutions is an integral part of our shared vision to reimagine healthcare and discover scientific breakthroughs that catalyze change. .” Dr. Jeff McKagan Member of the Health Sciences Cancer Board and Associate Dean of Research MSU College of Human Medicine“Health inequalities and disparities have created gaps in cancer outcomes that have long plagued patients in both urban and rural communities. Funded through a partnership with Henry Ford These research initiatives will play an important role in combating health disparities that plague the most vulnerable communities.”

Here are the five grants selected for the latest wave of funding:

  • An adaptive pretreatment stratification model for clinical decision support in patients with head and neck cancer
    • OBJECTIVE: To study cancer health disparities with a focus on a diverse cohort of patients with oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
    • Principal Investigator: Adam Alessio, Ph.D. (MSU), Indrin Chetty, Ph.D. (Henry Ford)
  • Identify mechanisms underlying sex differences in liver cancer development
    • Objective: To analyze the gender differences in hepatocellular carcinoma.
    • Principal Investigator: Qing-Sheng Mi, MD, Ph.D. (Henry Ford), Hua Xiao, MD., Ph.D. (MSU)
  • Improving the therapeutic effect of radiotherapy for brain tumors by reducing cellular senescence
    • Goal: To demonstrate that radiation-induced senescent cells are responsible for late-stage damage.
      Principal Investigators: Stephen Brown, Ph.D. (Henry Ford), Dr. Marsha Gordon (MSU)
  • Novel nanotherapy for brain tumors based on miR-10b inhibition
    • Goal: Investigate novel nanotherapeutics aimed at improving outcomes in glioblastoma
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Anna Moore, MSU, Ana deCarvalho, Ph.D. (Henry Ford)
  • Development of sialyl-Lewis A targeting monoclonal antibody for the treatment of pancreatic cancer
    • Goal: Develop new antibodies that target the most common biomarkers of pancreatic cancer
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Howard Crawford (Henry Ford), Xuefei Huang, Ph.D. (MSU)

The Henry Ford Health and Michigan State University Health Sciences partnership launched in January 2021 with the bold purpose of advancing new standards in healthcare by reimagining how we think, innovate and deliver health and wellness. started. as a partner Henry Ford Health and Michigan State University Investing in new cancer research. Promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. Working towards the opening of her MSU Health Education Campus at Henry Ford Hospital. Create a unified research community. Also, Health Alliance Plans (HAP) and her MSU Healthcare have joined forces to provide better options for health plan customers.

For more information on the Henry Ford Health and Michigan State University Health Science partnership, please visit: henryford.com/campaign/hfmsu.

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