Students returned to their North Texas school with the usual mixture of excitement and nervousness.

Perhaps it felt a little more here at Kip Oak Cliff Academy. High schools opened on college campuses this week.

Student Valeria Reyes said: “It’s wonderful. I’m in a new environment. I feel comfortable, safe and happy. I’m happy to be in this building.”

Oak Cliff Academy is now located in one of the disused buildings of Paul Quinn College.

High school students are now not only taking college classes in high school, they are taking them on college campuses, so colleges are getting a pipeline of new students.

School administrators say they are already seeing synergies.

“I’m actually going to get to know that student, ‘Oh, we’re cool, he helped me with the math.’ I have a direct lifeline that I know specifically for students of color who feel that and the connection point in college is actually the difference between staying, graduating early, or leaving early.” said Wau Netavan, principal of KIPP Oak Cliff Academy.

You may have heard that Paul Quinn College also partnered with the Dallas ISD to establish a middle school on campus.

Michael Sorrells, Dean of Paul Quinn College, said:

The Dallas ISD hopes to add a high school here as well. This is fundamental to better connecting this historically black college with the community and helping students understand what life has to offer, whether this school or another. It’s part of the plan.

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