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Hiren Panchal, co-founder of Litmus Branding, will give a lecture on digital marketing at the IIM Udaipur Incubation Center.

The Indian economy is booming and there is no better time to be an entrepreneur in India. The digital revolution is sweeping the country and business is booming as a result. Young entrepreneurs are particularly affected by this.

The existing supporting ecosystem has been a major determinant in determining the success of entrepreneurship in India. Many incubators, accelerators, and financial institutions are very important in helping companies get off the ground.

The IIM Udaipur Incubation Center hosted a recent startup incubation and acceleration program for women in tech. The program offered 15 startups selected from across the country several benefits, including professional mentoring, custom her workshops, access to funding, incubation support and strategic connections.

Additionally, one of the key topics covered in the programme, digitization, plays a key role in making business more accessible and effective. With the rapid adoption of internet and smartphones in the country, businesses are expanding rapidly and reaching a wider audience. It particularly benefits companies in the e-commerce and digital media sectors. India is a land of opportunity for young business people. There are no boundaries to what can be achieved with the right amount of motivation and passion.

As a result, Hiren Panchal, Co-Founder of Litmus Branding, India’s leading design, marketing and advertising brand, is offering customized work on digital marketing as part of an incubation and acceleration program organized by the IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre. I ran a shop. His talk at the IIM Udaipur Incubation Center covered all aspects of “Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups”.

Hiren Panchal is a multifaceted creative professional with over 25 years of experience in advertising and branding. Hiren started her career as a junior her designer at Khurana Communications, where she honed her skills and worked with many well-known companies. She has been with Litmus since 2006 and has contributed to its success as a full-service advertising agency. He puts a lot of effort into developing his communication with the brand’s iconic visuals. Over the years, he has worked with industry giants such as IIM Udaipur, IIM Bangalore, Shott and Cadila Pharmaceuticals. He was therefore the ideal person to lead the elected start-up owners in his workshop on Digital Marketing Accelerator.

The entire session was educational and interactive. Attendees left with a thorough understanding of all aspects of digital marketing, including the value of having a website, how to create a digital marketing plan for your startup to maximize your investment, and other topics . .

Hiren went into great detail on all the relevant topics including planning and implementing SEO, identifying target audiences, CTAs, website and other activity tracking tools. All the themes were discussed in relation to the true brand history of his WelMe, a well-known brand in the health and hygiene sector, and everything related to its struggles, setbacks, strategy, growth and more. Better to the core of the subject. All doubts and questions were warmly welcomed and fully addressed throughout. and adapt,” was Hiren’s parting words for the workshop.

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