preview of House of the DragonThe third episode of .They were right, as a new episode of House of the Dragon We saw the forces of Daemon Targaryen and Corlys Velaryon head for the Stepstones and finally sting to stop the Crab-Feeder. This battle claimed the life of a character that many thought was more important to the story going forward, and generated a lot of buzz from fans during the brief screen time.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for House of the Dragons. Read on at your own risk…

The beginning of “Second of His Name” shows that three years have passed since the Daemons and Corliss hid behind the King and started a war against the Crab Feeders, but during that time they’ve made little progress. Is not … But things change in the episode’s final act. A demon cuts down a crab feeder during a well-executed attack, dragging half of the hideous pirate’s body out for all to see, his guts spilling out of his torso.

Crab-Feder was set up in a cavern in the middle of the Stepstones, in a position where the Daemon’s army hadn’t been able to do much before. Even the dragons were of little use, as the high hills and fog surrounding the cave made it easy to set traps. .

Daemon approached the cave with a white flag and offered to surrender. This led to more men being brought out of the cave to assist in killing the Daemons. You ended the conflict by killing Feeder.

Crab-Feeder wasn’t always a major character, but his introduction in the second episode was House of the Dragon It piqued the interest of fans. There was hope that he could serve as a Targaryen antagonist for a while. It obviously won’t happen.

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