Collaborating with acclaimed American composer and music conductor John Adams and others, eventually led him to start writing his own works. “I wanted to do what I felt I needed to do. black clown, which he co-created with his friend Zach Winoker, was commissioned by the American Repertory Theater and is currently set to hit Broadway. The recital and concerto series he performed last night.

“I don’t think it does much to the prejudice of the classical music world itself to make use of aesthetic presentation as a way to complete a narrative,” he explains. In his case, Tines not only uses fashion as a tool for self-expression, but also to assert agency as a minority figure in the predominantly white space he frequently engages with. “I think it’s an instinct that minority people say. what am i telling you?

“What does that mean if I’m a black person who dresses in preppy New England style, or a black gay person who has decided to lean into certain sexual aspects of self-expression?”

Tyne often chooses clothing that has a deeper meaning to him as a performer than what the audience perceives. “I was introduced to her work by a stylist I’ve worked with, Julio Cesar Delgado,” said a black woman.

Sketch by Brandon Murphy / Photo: Courtesy of Raven Daniels Davóne Tines

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