A new season brings not only new beginnings, but also new challenges. Every fall I face the same problem. The answer to me is almost always twofold. First stop: Uniqlo. Second stop: Kagami, who tries to style his Uniqlo belongings with the tools he has on hand, such as belts, bags, and shoes. Uniqlo’s basics fit well with The Row’s minimalist aesthetic. (See also COS, Everlane, and Frankie Shop.) Of course, nothing matches The Row’s quality. But with a few accessories and styling tricks (sizing up, down, layering, etc.) you can get the silhouette pretty close. And since The Row recently introduced non-neutral colors (Gasping!), there are a lot more to choose from this season (although I can’t for the life of me find the same perfect shade of purple as this one). An attempt to recreate it at a cost.

The Row Fedrino top in organic cotton

Perfectly cropped but not too cropped mock neck t-shirt with frayed hem. I have the same color sweatsuit from Entireworld (RIP), but it’s much brighter than the other greens in my closet.

Frankie Shop Karina cropped cotton-jersey T-shirt

Unfortunately, this version is a little more trimmed, but the original’s frayed hem means you can either size up and cut the sleeves, or wear the pants higher in the waist.

Hag Jumper no59 Wild Fern

It’s originally a T-shirt, so it might be better to wear a light knit for the transition to autumn.

The Row Ciba cashmere top

(Pumpkin spice is usually all sticky!)

Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Ribbed Turtleneck

It’s hard to find an orange that isn’t overpowering, but this reddish hue from Polo is flattering. Layering under a button-up shirt is easier.

Lou Lou Studio Murano cashmere sweater

The amount is large, but it is still 1,000 yen cheaper!

The Row Slouchy Banana Two Bag / Nylon

Prada made me fall in love with nylon, but now they don’t offer a more naturally shaped bag. I appreciate that there are no logos or graffiti on this one.

uniqlo round mini shoulder bag

After reading Becky Malinsky’s shopping newsletter, this bag caught my attention. You really can’t beat that price!

The Row Ciles top in organic cotton

I decided to recreate this complete look myself, as that seemed the most viable. Red long-sleeve shirt, belt, and black pleated pants.

Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater

Whether you’re looking to recreate the Row look, these sheer sweaters are perfect for fall layering and come in a variety of colors. i have at least 4

Guest in Residence Oversize Crew

Gigi Hadid has just launched her DTC Cashmere brand, Guest-in-Residence, and it comes in lots of great colors and fits, including this red oversized sweater.

Isabel Marant Black Zap leather belt

I have had this Isabelle Marant belt for years and years and wear it with all my dress pants.

Uniqlo Wide Fit Pleated Pants

I found it online and bought it immediately. It’s hard to find wide-fitting pants that don’t look slouchy.

Look, mom! Raw model! just kidding. I hope. (For example, if I were a Lowe model, I wouldn’t laugh.) In retrospect, I probably should have done some things differently. Here is my gist:

  • Size up with a sweater. For the perfect row look, the more room the better.
  • Please wear black sneakers. (I wore red because I’m addicted to color coordination, but the low look is all black.)
  • No comment on the pants (10/10) but if you want to look more ‘fashionable’ you can go up a size. UNIQLO repairs are free!
  • Buy a lottery ticket for a chance to win the real deal. It’s really beautiful and quality clothes.

Photo: Emilia Petrarca

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