Fashion stylist reveals exactly how long-sleeve shirts should be worn, insisting we’ll never go back to normal

  • Fashion influencer reveals how to style long-sleeved shirts
  • Lina Nouri says she never wore her shirt the ‘right way’
  • She said she’s obsessed with the hack she first found and shared in 2022

The fashion influencer has revealed her favorite way to style a long-sleeve shirt, but says you have to wear it back-to-back for it to work.

Lina Noory, who has over 850,000 followers on Instagram, says this hack can turn a plain oversized shirt into something more exciting.

“I’m obsessed, I love the way it works,” she said, posing for the camera.

Fashion influencer Lina Nouri revealed her favorite way to style a long sleeve shirt.

Fashion influencer Lina Nouri revealed her favorite way to style a long sleeve shirt.

In her video, she showed off a silky pink shirt before starting to wear it “the wrong way.”

She put her left hand in first, then twisted her shirt once and then put her right arm in.

“Then button it all the way down and pull the shirt up and close all the buttons,” she said.

She then tucks the collar and shirt hem into her pants to complete the look.

“This hack works best with a looser top, or at least one size up,” she said.

She also said that leaving the top button unbuttoned helps if you’re having trouble tucking in the collar of your shirt.

And people got excited about the video.

“I now have 30 new tops. Thank you,” said one woman.

“It’s very cute, but I think it only works if you’re thin,” said one woman.

She started by showing off her shirt to the cameras

She doesn't raise the top button when performing hacks

She started by showing off her shirt to the camera.She never buttoned up the top.

“I just tried this and I don’t want to wear it like I always do,” praised one woman.

Others were not convinced.

“The one I’ve tried is very uncomfortable, it suffocates me, and when I lift my arm it feels like a button ripping,” complained one woman.

“Your neckline looks like it’s going to wobble,” said another.

“It looks terrible. I don’t know why you think it’s good,” added a third.

Others accused her of falsifying the video, claiming she was wearing two different shirts.

“This is a different top. When she turns around, you can’t see the buttons on the back,” one woman echoed another.

The video has been viewed 16 million times and has been liked by over 340,000 people.


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