In the early days of the Internet, users relied on multiple software and services to complete a single task. Playing video games required buying online games and connecting with friends via IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and his Ventrollo. This is Web1 — a decentralized platform that works in a multidimensional framework. Now all the tasks mentioned he can do on Twitch and Discord — this is Web2. Web2 allows giants such as Meta and Alphabet to integrate important ancillary goals such as gaining followers, sharing updates, promoting products, building online personas into a single his website/application. I was.

Welcome to Web3

Web3, also known as the “New Internet”, is the term used for an entirely new description of the Internet that presents options for decentralization. You’ve probably read and heard about this whole new Internet, but how does Web3 fit into our property? It’s very simple: through the actions of our users.

It sounds sequential like 3G, 4G, 5G, but Web3 is not an upgrade from Web2. Instead, they coexist and are supported by the Web2 framework. There is no need to upgrade from Web3 to Web3.

Need for Web3

Instagram is a great place to build a platform and gain followers, but it also has its own drawbacks. Web2 companies like Meta collect massive amounts of data behind the scenes of consumers. In parallel, these companies are consolidating platforms and dominating the market.

The need for Web3 comes from people who recognize the dangers of BigTech overreach. People are now interested in building tools that empower users. Context: Creators only get 55% of every dollar YouTube ads generate. Add to this the risk of losing your entire job at the whim of YouTube executives. Web3 is the solution to this unstable system. Instead of streaming money through centralized platforms, creators will interact directly with users.

Sites like Facebook and YouTube grab your data every time you go on the internet. This data is then sold to other companies. Ads aren’t completely harmless, but they’re not the only space to hold your data. Here’s a very scary example.

· holds the DNA of over 26 million people

Twitter fined for selling user data

· Apple sells data to Google

Web3’s commitment goes beyond privacy. It’s something we can actually control. Not distributing our data to proprietary companies was a major problem in our quest for Web3. Just like a slippery slope turns into an avalanche in a matter of seconds, giving one entity a tremendous amount of power can change one ugly after another.

Why Web3?

Blockchain and Web3 are the new options for the next generation of internet users. The main reasons are:

1. Privacy and Security: Web3 is an improved version of the Web, built with the best encryption technology that allows internet users to protect their data from hackers and prying companies.

2. Decentralized storage: IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is designed to store data on multiple devices to deter compromise attempts. Each file storage has its own security and the system works all over the world at the same time.

3. Anonymous: Users can choose to remain anonymous and operate in secret while significantly impacting their business and social media reputation.

Key Features of Web3’s Digital Marketing

1. Artificial Intelligence

Web3 works with natural language processing (NLP) to interpret data in a more reliable form. This paves the way for a more linear and consistent reading of data sets. AI is beautifully woven throughout the fabric of Web3 and is perfectly suited for digital his marketing campaigns that rely on human behavior to target audiences.

2. Decentralization

A key feature of Web3 is decentralization. In this area the data is not held in huge databases. Decentralization eliminates the need to retrieve information pre-stored on servers using the HTTP protocol. In Web3, information is intentionally distributed rather than confined to one place.

3. No middlemen

Web3 gives individuals control over their data. This allows individuals to exchange value directly with each other, without the need for intermediaries to intervene. We are used to operating on highly centralized platforms like Meta and Google. They have their own perks, but they expose users to security breaches and information manipulation.Web3 paves the way for data ownership. This is an essential step towards achieving total freedom on the web.

4. No external approval

Web3 users no longer need to rely on third-party authentication to view data. Imagine not having to share your information (and your biometrics) with a third party for authorization. Removing roadblocks increases the chances of user security and privacy.

The Impact of Web3 on Digital Marketing

Talk of Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse now seems inevitable. I am constantly answering questions about what that means for digital marketing and social media-based promotional campaigns.

Web3 is marketed as a smarter, sleeker version of its predecessor. This immersive new technology is aimed at users who want to interact with brands and experience unique products first-hand.

Digital Marketing in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is here to create an ambient, immersive space for consumers. Unlimited access is the luxury of this space, a fun and personalized way to interact with people far and wide. , the space presents its own challenges.

You no longer have to imagine being in an alternate space where space and geopoints determine your level of access and communication. we are already there. The Metaverse combines the marketing lessons of Web1 and Web2 to give users a more mature and sophisticated experience on the Internet.

Marketing with tokens

Marketing is about engaging with people and getting your message across. The whole point of old-fashioned marketing is to be friendly, likeable, and genuine. The future of brand marketing will largely depend on the credibility of marketing his campaigns. Token and her Web3 marketing take it one step further by allowing users to be equally involved in engaging, buying and selling products.


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have evolved from a dream to a multi-billion dollar innovation. Brands are building their own unique partnerships with foundations in the will to discover the NFT market and build genuine communities. establishes a bond. We may have been introduced to the platform, but we’re still struggling on the road to marketing on Web3. I think it will be a fascinating trip with room for trial and error. Regardless, we can faithfully predict that the biggest net profit for the process will be the user.

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