We all love a good fashion trick.

Especially for a fraction of the original price.

Maria found the perfect Zara Dupe from Primark


Maria found the perfect Zara Dupe from PrimarkCredit: TikTok/@mariajblogs
Maria asked her followers to go get the suit from Primark.


Maria asked her followers to go get the suit from Primark.Credit: TikTok/@mariajblogs

And one of TikTok’s fashion gurus has revealed Primark’s perfect Zara suit dupe.

Originally from England, Maria couldn’t help but head into her local Primark and pick up a coordinating set.

In a short clip, Maria tries on the suit and is stunned by the results.

The forest green cropped blazer and skort set looked far more expensive than the price Maria paid.

We work at Primark. Our trick is to always leave something new.
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She said: “OMG, you have to go to Primark.

“This outfit is all from Primark. Excuse me, who is Zara?”

The total cost of the coordinating set was £30 (£10 for the skort and £20 for the blazer).

But it was very similar in style to Zara’s collections, which often set prices above £50.

Since then, the video has racked up nearly 300,000 views and gone viral, with viewers falling in love with the look just like Maria did.

One person wrote, “Oh, that sounds great!”

Another commented, “OMGGG U LOOK SOO CUTEEEE.”

A third pen writes:

On the other hand, a fourth person added, “I bought this last week and am hooked!”

Viewers were stunned by Primark's suit and boot combination


Viewers were stunned by Primark’s suit and boot combinationCredit: TikTok/@mariajblogs

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