Pre-loved was readily available, both in price and location, and to my surprise, it satisfied my shopping urges well. Gone are the days of falling asleep dreaming of looking great from head to toe in a sequined party dress from Topshop, but I’ve taken the risk of swapping clothes and enjoying layering and pattern clashes. The eclectic nature of secondhand means my wardrobe remains unique and reflects my tastes rather than being driven by trends. To do.

Switching to buying second hand requires a change in mindset. You need to be more patient and experimental. It takes time to properly browse charity shops and vintage stores. It’s usually a good idea to bring a friend along for both the conversation and consultation. Of course, Depop, Vestiaire Collective, eBay, etc. allow for certain searches, but half the fun of shopping for your favorites is the opportunity to embrace amazing pieces.

Over the years, I met like-minded people and began documenting their amazing outfits on my website, My Indie Wardrobe, to understand this more organic approach to fashion. “When I decide to buy something, it usually has to stand out. I look for quality and usually choose natural fibers such as cotton, linen and silk. , I choose pieces that I’m sure will last for years,” says Selena Williams, a recent subject and owner of Selena’s Shop.

For me, the “to come” element of second-hand fashion was a recent revelation. and generated significant sales as a result.while reading a book by aja barber Consumed, I found that only 10-20% of clothing donated to charity shops is resold. Most of them are shipped overseas. Places like Kantamant’s Market in Accra, Ghana, receive 15 million garments each week. At Kantamant Market, bales of clothing are purchased by vendors, but 40% of unsold clothing still ends up in landfills, dumps, piles, or straight to sea.

Second-hand fashion doesn’t help sustainability if you treat it like fast fashion. So he’s a disposable item that’s worn for one night before being taken to landfills, and often has a huge negative impact on countries in the Global South.recent barber Tweeted: “The first step is to slow down. People are trying to replace fast fashion with ethical fashion, and it doesn’t work.”

Second-hand fashion can be useful when carefully selected, loved, and repaired, replacing new purchases and complementing clothing already hanging in your wardrobe.My Old Black and White Vintage T Like shirts, with a little luck, there will be more stories to come in the next 20 years.

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