With the arrival of fall, flannels, chunky knits, knee-high boots, and warm colors are all you need to do.

A fan of retailer Walmart shared some of her favorite under-$40 finds to help complete her wardrobe this fall.

Walmart fan Sarah Jane shared some affordable fall finds


Walmart fan Sarah Jane shared some affordable fall findsCredit: YouTube/ ChicOnTheCheap

“Fall has officially arrived at Walmart. Today I have some great new fashion finds to share with you,” Sarah Jane said in a YouTube video uploaded to her 598,000 subscribers. I started with

“I love clothes, but my most favorite kind of clothes are fall clothes, and if they’re on a budget, even better.

“Everything is priced under $40, except for the little splurge at the end of this video, which is really good. But I thought I’d start with one of my favorite things. boots.”

She continued:

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Sarah said the $40 boots are true to size, very comfortable, have comfy foam insoles, and are very easy to get in and out of, thanks to the inside zipper.

You can pair it with jeans or your favorite leggings. “These are really cute boots and a wardrobe staple,” said Sarah.

Madden NYC Women's Faux Suede Lug Sole Chelsea Boots ($40)


Madden NYC Women’s Faux Suede Lug Sole Chelsea Boots ($40)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

Next was Time and Tru Women’s Bling Chelsea ($34.98). “Gorgeous boots” have rhinestone detailing on the outside.

“Not overdone, very subtle. Just enough to catch the light and I think these are a lot of fun. These boots come in two different colors, black and white and are made with memory foam It has a footbed and side zippers, and I’ve found these to be true to size.”

If you’re not a fan of rhinestone detailing and want a more basic Chelsea boot, Sarah suggested another Time and True option – the Time and True Women’s Lug Chelsea Boot ($29.98).

Classic boots come in three colors: black, grey, and tan. According to fashion lovers, they’re “really comfortable”.

“It has a memory foam footbed, runs true to size, and will go with just about any fall outfit you can think of,” Sarah said.

Time and Tru Women's Lug Chelsea Boots ($29.98)


Time and Tru Women’s Lug Chelsea Boots ($29.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

The fashionista highlighted another boot style she likes.

“Every year Time and Tru comes out with a new pair of hiker boots.

“And this is what it looks like this year.”

She showed off her Time and Tru Women’s Hiker Boots ($29.98). This comes in her three different colors: black, off-white, and brown.

“The faux fur detailing on these boots is really well done and super soft and I love the plaid laces. Again, these are really comfortable.

“They feature memory foam footbeds. Time and Tru are very good about it in their shoes and almost always have that memory foam on the inside.”

Time and Tru Women's Hiker Boots ($29.98)


Time and Tru Women’s Hiker Boots ($29.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

The next boot Sarah highlighted is the tall slouch boot, also from Time and Tru. Priced at her $34.98, it features stacked block heels that aren’t “too expensive.”

“These are just 2 inch heels that I really like. And one thing I can say about these is that they run small. So I ordered my regular size 9 and they fit pretty well. So if you use these, I recommend going up a size,” advised Sarah.

The boots are available in three colors: black, emerald and taupe.

Next up is another slouch boot from Time and Tru, the Time and Tru Women’s Tall Slouch Boots.

“They’re $34.98, too. They also feature a stacked block heel that’s only two inches tall. And I really appreciate that the heels on these boots aren’t too high. For everyday wear.”

“I’m happy to find that it’s fashionable and doesn’t make it hard to get around. These look more true to size than the previous ones I shared. They’re also available in black. Leggings and Jeans and even autumn dresses.”

Time and Tru Women's Tall Slouch Boots ($34.98)


Time and Tru Women’s Tall Slouch Boots ($34.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

Sarah moved on to her favorite clothing items found at Walmart.

“Okay, next is my favorite top from Walmart. The one I’ve been wearing ever since I bought it is the No Boundaries plaid shirt.

“I got this in the large size, so I recommend going up a size with this one. For $14.98, there are several patterns to choose from, but of course, you can’t go wrong with any for fall. Plaid.” shirt, this one is really good, especially in this shade of green.

“I think it’s the perfect plaid shirt. For under $15, you can’t beat it.”

A fall staple is No Boundaries Juniors’ button-front check shirt.

No Boundaries Junior's Front Button Check Shirt ($14.98)


No Boundaries Junior’s Front Button Check Shirt ($14.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

Next, Sarah covered another top she believes is a closet must-have, Time and Tru Women’s Ribbed Tunic Top.

“Well, if there was one top buy for the entire trip, it would be this one, $15.98 according to Time and Tru. [and] Available in 4 colors. ”

Sarah described the top as “very soft” and “very comfortable”.

She is normally a size medium but ordered a large.

She usually likes her fall clothes to be a little more baggy and oversized.

“Since it is a tunic-length top, the back is slightly longer, so you can wear it over leggings, and I think you can wear it many times.”

Time and Tru Women's Ribbed Tunic Top ($15.98)


Time and Tru Women’s Ribbed Tunic Top ($15.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

Sarah has moved on to another top, the perfect wardrobe staple to wear this fall: Time and Tru’s drop-shoulder tunic for just $13.98.

“Available in 4 colors, this one is also very comfortable.

“Also, I sized up, but if I had to recommend a color for this, I would have to go with black.

“And I think everyone needs a basic black tunic in their fall wardrobe.”

Next, Sarah talked about a particular style of top she has on hand.

“Every year Walmart comes out with these waffle knit tops that have been updated to be a little more trendy,” he said of the Time and True Women’s Waffle Pullover Top ($13.98).

“It does have puff sleeves, but it’s not overdone. Just enough to give you a fashionable style without making you feel like you’re making a fashion statement. Does that make sense?”

“I don’t know. Some of the puffy sleeves I’ve seen are a little too full. If you’re someone who can pull off that look, that’s great. I’m one of them.” not.”

Time and Tru Women's Waffle Pullover Top ($13.98)


Time and Tru Women’s Waffle Pullover Top ($13.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

Sara also raves about Time and Tru’s $29.98 corduroy shacket.

“I chose a larger size for this and I think it looks really nice.

“It has pockets and is all about the cinnamon spice color. It’s a perfect color for fall and it also has a very pretty green.”

Time and Tru Women's Corduroy with Buttons Shacket ($34.98)


Time and Tru Women’s Corduroy with Buttons Shacket ($34.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

If animal prints are your thing, Sara has you covered with the Nine.Eight Women’s Long Sleeve Button Down Blouse ($18.98).

“Animal print always feels like it’s going to be trendy. It’s truly a timeless trend and animal print is expected to be a big hit this fall. My favorite thing about this blouse is the dress. You can dress it up or dress it down.

“I bought a large size and it feels silky smooth.”

Finally, Sarah talked about items that are a little more expensive than those she highlighted earlier.

“And last but not least, I wanted to throw in a little extravagant item in this video just because I think these boots are really nice and worth mentioning.

Nine.Eight Women's Long Sleeve Button Down Blouse ($18.98)


Nine.Eight Women’s Long Sleeve Button Down Blouse ($18.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

“Scoop over-the-knee boots. $56, but they look a lot more expensive to me.

“And it has a 3.5” block heel and a memory foam insole. Really great quality.

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“And of course these can be worn alone with a dress or [pair] Team it with Time and Tru’s faux-leather leggings.

“These are great leggings and will definitely be a big trend this fall.”

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