(NewsNation) — Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin opposes the state’s proposed changes to the Standards of Study (SOL). This included, among other things, stopping referring to George Washington as “the father of our nation” and James. Madison as the “Father of the Constitution”.

“I do not agree to drop George Washington from our nomenclature as the father of our country, because he was, of course, James Madison as the father of our constitution. Significant work still needs to be done,” Youngkin told 7News. “And as part of our curriculum, we intend to reinforce the role of the Founding Fathers in our country.

“I believe that history should be accurately told, both the good and the bad. Let’s not forget our fathers, and the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, for their extraordinary role in the founding of our nation.

Every seven years, the Virginia Department of Education customarily considers, discusses, and sometimes proposes changes to the SOL curriculum for review by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE).

However, after a VDOE review, an educator told 7News that the proposed change was an “inadvertent” error.

Virginia Board of Education met on wednesday Decide on proposed changes, with Youngkin as a surprise guest.

According to ABC13, Youngkin’s administration wanted to withhold the proposed changes to see if the 400-page policy was free of further errors before the board voted.

“I don’t want the public to say there’s a typo here,” Gillian Burrow, the state’s head of public education, told 7News. I’ve left out George Washington from the field of , but it’s not here when it’s supposed to be. I just want this kind of error-free draft.”

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