Indianapolis – Riley Children’s Health is leading a statewide effort to ensure Hoosier children get the mental health care they need.

According to Gil Peri, president of Riley Children’s Health, Riley is working with more than 100 other individuals and organizations to develop long-term, statewide plans to address the mental health needs of children. increase.

According to Pelli, the number of children in need of mental health services in Riley has doubled since before the pandemic began.

The response will require state and federal funding, as well as support from donors, Peri said.

“What we can expect from this plan is a very community-based plan, with a focus on early intervention in schools and looking at outpatient services to ensure adequate capacity and emergency stabilization across the state. to do,” Peri explained.

The plans are expected to be released around the end of the year, Peri said.

In the short term, Riley Children’s Health is using a $4 million federal grant and an additional $4 million from the Riley Children’s Foundation to provide mental health services at pediatrician clinics. said Peri.

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