According to Robert Walters’ Salary Guide 2022, 72% of Indonesian companies are giving pay raises and 69% of Indonesian sales and marketing professionals expect a raise. The top three jobs in the marketing industry are digital marketing, customer experience and relationship manager, and business development manager. All three roles have a wealth of talent within the market.

However, the average tenure in Indonesia is only one year, indicating that a whopping 91% of professionals look for new jobs throughout the year. About 84% of professionals are confident in their job opportunities.

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Furthermore, the Indonesian job market in 2022 looks promising and plentiful for Fintech companies in Indonesia, and to market their jobs, marketing will be a major factor for them and other businesses, whether they are B2C or B2B businesses. Becomes an essential core – Marketing Director is in the top 10 Michael says that it is the highest paying position in Indonesia as he needs to be knowledgeable in different departments and come up with straightforward campaigns Page reports. In addition, sales executives, product managers and senior marketing managers will be in high demand.

Meanwhile, based on a survey conducted in January 2022, 56% of HR staff and hiring managers said they plan to increase salaries for Indonesian employees. Moreover, he 68% of Indonesian respondents prefer to prioritize mental health over mental health. than their salary. According to the report, the demand for sales and marketing professionals is low, especially in digital he marketing because it is easy to hire. In 2021, Indonesia was already showing signs of economic recovery. GDP growth has reached her 3.7% due to factors such as the commodities boom and government finances.

Additionally, the Indonesian government has rolled out pre-work cards to help Indonesian residents by improving their skills and increasing opportunities in the workforce. Covid-19 restrictions and easier immunization rollout have helped many industries recover, resulting in more active hiring – Jobstreet Job says job openings up, unemployment The rate increased from 7.07% to 6.4% in the Outlook report.

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