Remember last February when Gov. Jay Inslee adjusted COVID-19 mask mandates in line with new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, citing a continued decline in Washington state hospitalization rates?

Here it is his tweet About the change: “In light of the new [CDC] With guidance and continued declines in hospitalization rates, WA, along with OR and CA, will adjust statewide mask requirements to end after March 11th. ”

The date for no more masks in the three states was nearly the last in the country. (Hawaii kept her requirement until March 26.)

Washington’s end date was originally set for March 21, but has been fast-forwarded in updated guidance. Americans said they live in places where healthy people, including school students, can safely change.

A photo that accompanied his announcement outlined the new rules, stating, “Private businesses can continue to require masks if they choose to. Please follow the room rules.”

Well, according to “science,” guidance from medical experts and the CDC is clearly February. And it wasn’t our governor’s job to read the room.

CDC has updated its COVID-19 guidance again. Because most Americans have some form of protection from the virus (have been previously infected or vaccinated) and are unlikely to become seriously ill, its policies and recommendations are differentiated based on vaccination status. lost. See current state Department of Health data and King County numbers to back this up in our state.

King County provides informative COVID-19 results by vaccination status to help people assess risk. They show a mortality rate of 0.09 per 100,000 inhabitants per day in both boosted and vaccinated people over the past 30 days. The rate he is 0.95. Her daily hospitalization rate per 100,000 inhabitants is 0.4 in boosted, 0.5 in vaccinated and 2.8 in fully unvaccinated people.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can catch and spread COVID-19. Her COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths in our state include those who were vaccinated and those who were not. Still, Inslee retains the outdated vaccine mandate as a condition of state employment and continues to distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Figures from the Office of Financial Management and news reports in October showed that about 1,900 people were fired, resigned, or retired for state employee duties. Family finances have been strained and levels of state services have been compromised and remain a concern.

The Office of Financial Management said, “Based on available data, approximately 3.4% (2,135) of employees have left their jobs or been laid off due to their duties.” The Ministry of Transport was hit hard. And it’s not all smooth sailing for state ferries right now. Vaccine mandates have increased staffing challenges for Ferry, Washington, with 121 workers laid off and 11 workers retiring for duty.

State vaccine mandates came before we knew enough about vaccines and COVID-19. Our state is paying the price for misguided policies. The governor should end it immediately.

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