After totaling his car and facing a double amputation of his leg, Vimal Patel desperately sought a second opinion.

A man’s brother-in-law from California typed “high speed car crash” into Google to find doctors who had experience treating injuries sustained in car crashes.

What is the first name that pops up? By Brian Mullis, Ph.D., trauma orthopedic surgeon at IU Health. Intrigued by the doctor’s expertise, Patel and his family made a call.

A summer phone call two years ago changed the course of Patel’s life.

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Instead of losing both legs below the knee, a 47-year-old man from Orange County is now able to use both legs. He can now do almost everything he was able to do before the accident. The only visible remnants of the incident are a slight limp as he walks, and wounds on both his legs.

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