NEW YORK — Janet Jackson shone in the front row in a black trouser suit, and Christian Siriano, with many of his models wearing giant hats, held New York Fashion Week at Elizabeth Taylor’s former townhouse. Opening up, Wednesday rolled out a sexy, slinky look — his trademark ball gown.

Of course, he was inspired by Taylor for a show that embraced old-time Hollywood, but the Associated Press reports that many stylish icons are also muses, including Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Bianca Jagger, and Judy Garland. He said that it was

“I was walking the girls through rehearsals and, oh my god, imagine Elizabeth Taylor walking up the marble steps in heels. How amazing. It’s so cool to be here,” said Siriano. said.

Taylor lived for several years in the 1950s during the Michael Todd era in a six-story French Renaissance Revival-style townhouse surrounded by midtown office buildings. It is now an art space.

Siriano’s collection fits perfectly into the long, winding staircase his models walk. That’s what his luxury customers want, he said, as he tweaked his business model to a more seasonal approach.

Black, royal blue and bright red ultra-wide brim hats caught the eye. Full of glitter, his white high-necked evening dress is set asymmetrically with his large tiered ruffles his bell his sleeves. One sleeve started at the shoulder and the other at the elbow.

Among his trademark show-stoppers was a baby blue gown for the skirt and a sparkly black spaghetti strap top with a taut waist and matching long black gloves. A gold long-sleeve gown was heavily ruffled, and another dress had narrow stripes of gold and black.

“This show is really about returning to glamor,” Siriano said. “I really wanted it. My customers really want it, especially now. It’s like can you do it.

Siriano was one of the few designers who didn’t give up on the runway show during the darkest time of the pandemic.

He’s rocked them all, cementing a solid A-list fanbase, from Jackson himself (she shouted him out on Instagram) to Cardi B, Lizzo, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama. .

“I always wanted to dress Janet,” Siriano said. “She was everything I wanted growing up. She was it.

When he told his mother, who is always on his show, that Jackson would be a guest, she responded: You don’t even have to come. “

So what should designers do with their to-do list done?

“Janet and Madonna were high on my to-do list, so I had to make them some stuff. Now I’m really excited about all the new Hollywood starlets.” I’ve had Sydney Sweeney dress me a few times and I think she’s the greatest actress ever.”

He’s doing Monday’s Emmy fittings, but didn’t say exactly who he’d wear.

“It’s a good list,” Siriano said.

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