Gardner, Kansas (KCTV) – At this weekend’s Kansas City Air Show, pilots in flight wow crowds with dazzling flights, and one pilot educates attendees on the ground.

Hubert Looney represented the Missouri Air Force Memorial Wing after flying out of St. Louis on Friday morning in a 1941 Aeronca L-3E “Defender” built for World War II. With a top speed of about 70 mph and needing several stops for fuel on its way across Shaw’s County Mee, Rooney’s weekend trip becomes his nearly five-hour adventure. I was. Still, he said KCTV5 was worth it.

Rooney said he came to the New Century Aviation Center with a purpose.

“We have to educate the people,” said Rooney, who attends six to 12 air shows a year on planes in hopes of educating the public. will forget World War II.”

US Army L-3E "Locust," Just fly a little over 70 mph.
The US Army’s L-3E “Grasshopper” flies just over 70 mph.(KCTV5)

Several planes and other aviation equipment are on display at the KC Air Show grounds this weekend. In addition to Looney’s plane, nicknamed the “Grasshopper,” there are other military aircraft to watch.

Friday, Sgt. Bobby King took to the skies with the Thunderbirds. King was honored as a local hero and flew with a demonstration squadron during Friday’s practice session.

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See here for the full list of this weekend’s performers.

Tickets are $45 for adults, $16 for teens, and $9 for children 6 and older.

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