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Sherry Whitfield She’s been preparing for her She By Sheree fashion presentation all season long Real Housewives of Atlantabut in this exclusive preview of the Aug. 28 episode, she seems to be in trouble. Kenya Moore By her side, I know it will be a topic of conversation. Watch the clip below and see for yourself!

At the beginning of the 90-second clip, Sheree says she feels “overwhelmed”, but Kenya doesn’t feel it from her friends. Instead, she thinks Shelly is taking too “laid back” about everything and “doesn’t work”. They don’t want the seats facing the runway for some reason, but Kenya wants it and how to set it up is the ‘wrong way’. She says there is.

Kenya then tells Sherry that she needs a “real model”, but Sherry’s assistant says she needs a “real budget” to get a “real model”. When Sheree asks what the budget is, her assistant replies, “Somewhere between $250 and $500.” [per model] fare of the day” and Kenya says it is a “reasonable” price. She then tells Sheree to “call people” so that she can get a real model for the presentation, but Sheree thinks it’s “too late” for that. “She’s already spent a million dollars just trying to get these samples done,” she exclaimed.

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 14 cast (Photo: BRAVO)

Kenya says that if Sheree really “spent $1 million,” samples should already be on the plane. Then, in her private confession, she throws shade, saying that Shelley probably sent $1 million to a “collection agency.”

Want to see more? Real Housewives of Atlanta It airs on Sundays at 8:00 PM ET/PT on Bravo.

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