I don’t care if my shoes are ugly. You can wear them anywhere as long as they are comfortable to wear. And I’m speaking from experience. I have shoes that I find rather unattractive, but they are also my most comfortable shoes.

The same idea applies to clothing. Unless you’re going to a formal or semi-formal place, you might not iron it. For one, I hate ironing. And my stance is “pretty, right?” No, I don’t wear stuffed stuff, but I know what you mean.

However, ironing, tugging, poking, and tossing against the wall doesn’t make Crocs comfortable. i don’t like them I tried And I see them everywhere, so I know people swear by them. Plus they make my feet sweaty.

Yes, they’re ugly, but we’ve already explained that it doesn’t matter.

And it doesn’t matter to other Kentuckians with whom I disagree. According to a survey by StyleSeat.com, Commonwealth residents seem to pick Crocs as their favorite fashion trend.



It’s clear that Kentuckians aren’t the only ones. Our neighbors to the south are also big fans, as are many who live west. Very low humidity means less sweat on your feet.

But our neighbors up north are obsessed with UGGs and Birkenstocks. These two brands are rarely criticized for their attractive looks, but they get rave reviews from everyone I’ve ever owned, especially Birkenstocks.

Do you know? You might be better off wearing socks with your Crocs. This guy does and raves about them.

All I know is that Kentucky summers can get pretty hot. We put them behind us.

By the way, here’s a survey conducted by StyleSeat.com:

We surveyed 1,003 Americans on May 31, 2022. The gender breakdown was 48% male, 49% female and 2% non-binary. The age breakdown was 13% Baby Boomers, 23% Gen X, 45% Millennials and 19% Gen Z. 50 states.

For me it pretty much explains it all. Millennials were the largest age group. I am her Generation X and only make up her 23% of respondents. And I wasn’t one of them.

And maybe you just can’t go by my side. I can’t even wear beach sandals. I hate between my toes.

No, I’ll stick with my super comfortable Skechers. It’s old. They don’t match anything, but they have never disappointed me.

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