A new photo of Lana Del Rey hanging out at Malibu Chili Cook-Off this weekend has gone viral. Wearing her baggy blue jeans and flannel her shirt cropped over her polo over her tee, she carries a red Chanel handbag. Her hair is styled into a braid of pigtails held in green and gold scrunchies. Moist. content. in her lane.

Trust social media to pull off the singer’s looks. The moment the image hits the internetDel Rey looks different than she does at 37 born to die The day she was in her mid-twenties. Del Rey’s size isn’t our job, but this predictably attracted all sorts of nasty fat shameful comments. Some defended Del Rey.

There are many truths in this. for example, supermodel bella hadid, become a “fashion goal” on a daily basis. Larger people are not seen through the same lens. The very same sense of style is distorted and subject to shame and ridicule. The fact that this continues into his 2022 shows that we’re hardly far from lean privilege and fatphobia.

Chanel Maurisset, a plus-size model who advocates for body positivity on Instagram, said, “Outfits aren’t stylish or fashionable because your body isn’t.” [and] Thin, striking and beautiful women are welcome in the selection of clothing. The same is true for larger women, but with the opposite effect.

I never thought I could ever hope to be fashionable because of my body. will inevitably appear. She always looks super cool, leaning against a wall or casually posing in front of a mirror. The post is irresistibly popular, with thousands of likes and heart emojis flooding the comments.

However, I wore all the same costume components and was immediately disappointed. I thought it was my body that made me look ugly instead of cool, plain instead of chic. Maybe as a bigger person, being stylish wasn’t on the cards for me.

When I stumbled upon the best fashion advice I heard a few years ago, my perspective changed completely. began toTake a step back and ask yourself if the clothes the person is wearing are really nice or are they just conditioned? think It suits me because the person who wears it is thin.

This idea has been circulating on TikTok for the past two years, giving birth to the “skinny or fashionable” trend. We saw users researching the styles of fashion darlings such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, and her plus-size TikToker began recreating the outfits of skinny celebrities and models, telling us that the outfits really did. I decided if it was funny or not. But this wave of self-awareness didn’t last long, and Del is back at the drawing board, as the discourse surrounding her Rey appearance shows.

The outfit is not considered stylish or fashionable.

chanel mauriset

“It doesn’t change the fact that big bodies aren’t widely viewed or accepted as beautiful,” says Maurisset.Body positivity exercise has helped normalize a non-supermodel body, but a “bigger body.” [are still] While being alienated from conventional beauty standards,” she added, many lean and able-bodied women “occupy a large space in the movement.” Space is being consumed by the trend of posting “pose vs relax” selfies. In this selfie, one photo of her taken at a specific angle appears to be the skinniest and is placed side by side with another selfie. It shows a slight hint of tummy roll.

Felicity Hayward, curve model, author Does this make your butt look bigger?“The reason the public is so quick to make fun of someone’s weight is the fact that we still live in a fatphobic culture.” I am adding. [make us hate] Overweight people – eventually selling diet plans, weight loss teas, and body-changing beauty products.

We need to stop policing women’s bodies in particular.

Felicity Hayward

“Looking back over the past 100 years, especially how women have been manipulated by their body image, it’s no wonder there are still people trolling others about their weight changes. moved away from the 1920s when women were given tapeworms for weight loss. [to the] 1940’s [when they were] Until the 1990s, when the term “heroin chic” became popular, people were told to smoke to curb their appetite. In particular, we need to stop policing women’s bodies.

It’s infuriating to see Del Rey, the youngest and idolized as the “Queen” or “Goddess”, torn apart for boldly gaining weight. It perpetuates her idea that a woman should be ashamed of her body changing and that her obesity should be hidden from public view. I will keep wearing it. No matter how ugly the internet feels.

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