Tennis and fashion have long been linked, and with courtside style dominating the streetwear scene, there’s no better time to welcome another iconic name into the fashion game. Today is the launch of the Arthur Ashe fashion brand.

Named after the tennis legend who not only became the first black (and first amateur) to win the US Open, but also won doubles championships at the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the French Open. He has been an outspoken activist for racial justice and those suffering from HIV and AIDS. The brand is owned by Ashe’s widow and photographer Jeanne Moussammie Ashe, Arthur Ashe’s estate, Jack Carlson (founder of Rowing Blazers, who revived Princess Diana’s iconic black sheep sweater) and Karl Rafael Blanchard partnership.

Inspired by Ash himself, including the warm-up suit worn by the US Davis Cup team at the 1975 Wimbledon Awards Ceremony, the first collection to modernize his aesthetic includes tennis polos, shorts, skirts and sweatshirts. , t-shirts and knitwear. , men’s and women’s accessories. The brand will also enter into long-term philanthropic partnerships with UCLA’s Arthur Ashe Legacy Fund and Social Change Fund United.

“There is Fred Perry, a British tennis lifestyle brand named after Fred Perry, and there is Lacoste, a French brand dedicated to the legacy of Rene Lacoste. There has never been a better person to represent America than Arthur Ashe.?” Carlson said in the brand launch release. “Arthur Ashe has been a hero of mine for a long time. His cool demeanor, effortless style, academic approach to the sport, will to win and determination to stand up for social justice all speak to me. It resonates deeply. Creating this brand was a dream come true.”

“We are so grateful to Jeanne and all the organizations involved for putting their trust in us,” Blanchard said. We are here to commemorate… something very special.”

The full line is available now at and Rowing Blazers, at pop-up shops in New York City and at the US Open near Arthur Ashe Stadium.

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