Tommy Cave, a Macon County resident and school board deputy chairman, died Thursday, Sept. 1, after undergoing heart surgery in Asheville. A Celebration of Lifetime Service will be held on Saturday, September 10 at 4:00 pm at the Franklin High School Art Center.

Cabe has served on the School Board for almost 20 years and was a member of the Franklin High School Booster Club for several years.

“The end of this calendar year would have marked 20 years of Tommy’s outstanding service on the school board,” the school board said in a statement. A regular visitor to almost every school, greeting staff and students with enthusiasm and warmth, he often argued that our children, whom he called Mr. Tommy, were our greatest assets. During his long tenure with the Society, he proudly served the motto ‘For the Best Interest of the Student’. We will miss him dearly and his contributions to our school system. ”

Cave’s District 2 seat on the school board is due for election this fall, and he was running for re-election. Billy Handley, Stephanie Lasseter and Danny Lightmeyer ran against Cave. The seat remains vacant until new members are elected this fall, according to Melanie Thibault, director of the Macon County Election Commission.

The Macon County Board of Education consists of five members who serve four-year staggered terms. In addition to District 2, District 4 seats will be up for election this fall. Incumbents Carol Arnold and Deedle Breeden are vying for seats.

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