WAOW, Wisconsin (WAOW) — When lives are at stake, it’s important to have someone to talk to.

But what if you can’t speak the language of the person trying to help you?

That’s what Tony Gonzalez, director of the Hispanic Association of America in Marathon County, has tried to fix.

“Earlier this year, I encountered a family suicide involving Hispanic people. I started to worry,” Gonzales said.

Now, thanks to his and others’ efforts, if you’re a Spanish speaker in the county and you dial 988, the suicide and crisis lifeline, and press 2, you’ll be connected to someone who can provide the help you need. can do.

“There is help available so that people don’t have to suffer alone with this,” Gonzalez said. he added.

He also said that the initiative is in the name of ensuring there are no language barriers to essential assistance.

“Just go through a rough patch and you don’t have to kill yourself. Call me so everything doesn’t escalate in the first place and you can clear your chest of what might be bothering you.” I will,” said Gonzales.

He also says that if someone is going through a rough patch and may have disruptive thoughts, he uses a method called “ask, persuade, refer” or QPR.

Learn more about QPR here.

Click here for more information on freely available mental health resources.

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