MECHANICSVILLE, Va. (WWBT) – After days away, football players at Mechanicsville High School were finally able to practice again, but not before meeting with school officials. educational course.

Football practice for the Mustangs finally resumed Friday night after two students were charged with simple assault at Mechanicsville High School.

“We would like to express our gratitude to our partners at the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office. As a result, we will be resuming football activities soon,” Principal Charles Stevens told the family on an answering machine.

In that message, Stevens called for a team meeting between coaches, players and parents ahead of Friday night’s practice.

Non-family members were not allowed into the school auditorium, but recordings of the meeting were provided to NBC12.

At the meeting, Stevens told students that they could easily report haze or problems on the school’s website.

He also said the conference was about moving forward and building a stronger and more positive culture in the program.

The school’s athletic director, Tripp Metzger, then discussed the players starting a two-week anti-haze education course that educates them on team norms and helps build a stronger team culture.

Two college-level coaches are coming next week to discuss team building and team culture.

Another coach was hired as an additional resource for coach Shane Reynolds.

Metzger told his family that he will continue to evaluate the players’ physical progress, hoping to get to the season opener next Thursday and Friday.

Reynolds outlined the plan for the next five days and prepared the players for next week’s game.

On Friday night, the players went to the Commons to train, give presentations in the locker room, and do some light training outdoors. This training continues on Saturday, giving players an extra day of practice.

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