Fort Hood Army wife Amanda Zwary said August ended on a rocky note when her 8-year-old autistic daughter went missing in the mail on her elementary school campus.

“All she kept saying was, ‘Mom, I couldn’t find her so I played.’ So they found her. They found her playing on the swing.” said Zwally in an interview on Friday.


Amanda Zwary and husband Jordan have been stationed at Fort Hood since 2019.

green speech

Fort Hood’s Briana Greene spoke at the KISD Board of Education’s final meeting about the overcrowded special education classrooms at her son’s elementary school on base. A few days later, an autistic student went missing at another Fort Hood Elementary School.

Superintendent John Kraft

Killeen ISD Superintendent John Kraft.

special education

Sergeant Everett Green and his wife Briana were transferred from Germany to Fort Hood almost two years ago. Since then, the Green family says they have struggled to get special education services from his KISD for their children.

Killeen ISD Lawsuit

Attorney Sonya Kerr filed a federal lawsuit against the Killeen ISD and the Texas Department of Education on behalf of the Moody family in December. From left, Samantha Moody, Stephanie Moody, Stephen Chiperno, and Joshua Moody. .

Taina Maya

Killeen ISD spokeswoman Taina Maya said:

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