Almost a month after subway school districts were punished for violating House Bill 1775, superintendents are fighting to get accreditation.

The superintendent of Mustang Public Schools has sent a letter to the state school board asking them to reconsider the accreditation.

This follows a voluntary activity in a middle school classroom where students were asked to cross the line if they felt discriminated against.

Charles Bradley, Superintendent of Mustang Public Schools, said:

Board members voted 4-2 earlier this year to downgrade the district’s status to “certified with warning.”

“Being downgraded is a slap in the face. It’s not like I sit down and look at the teachers, staff and students and say, ‘Okay, we’ll get it back next year,'” Bradley said.

In a letter of appeal to the Oklahoma State Board of Education, Bradley asked the board to reconsider the decision at a special board meeting on August 25, 2022 or at its next regular meeting.

“The state board of education voted for this, so judgment has been rushed. This means that CRT is being taught in Mustangs. That’s absolutely ridiculous,” he said.

The letter seeks clarification on the appeals process for violations of House Bill 1775.

“At the very least, due process. Give us the ability to provide the facts so we can make an informed decision,” the superintendent said.

He also asked for an opportunity to provide context for an isolated incident in January.

“We took care of it right then. We canceled that lesson and it was one teacher, one classroom, one site. There was nothing,” he said.

“We have received the letter and the request is under review,” the State Department told News 9.

Bradley encourages parents and staff to bring their concerns up with the state board of education before their next meeting.

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