Who wants to eat cheeky Nandos? South Africa’s Spicy Chicken Don, the latest food joint to hop on the fashion wagon, has just launched a new ‘Extra Hot’ clothing drop. That means Peri Peri lovers can proudly display their favorite spice levels in heat-reactive clothing.

The range of spice levels served at Nando’s often seems to inspire wild and slightly illogical rivalries, but lemon and herb insults, for example, can be a pervasive problem. All levels of the PERi meter are considered. In a throwback to the heyday of nostalgic ’90s fashion (hypercolored tees, etc.), the chicken establishment’s new socks, bucket hats, jumpers, and long and short tops are all dyed with heat-reactive thermochromatic inks. , gradually changing color with increasing temperature. Next time you put peri peri sauce on your food, you may need to be careful.

Prices for the new Extra Hot line range from £15 for a pair of socks to £50 for a sweatshirt. You can get all of their merchandise from Nando’s website, and all items are available in five different ‘heat level’ options: Plain, Lemon & Herb, Medium, Hot, and Extra Hot. Modeling the Collection ? In addition to witty rapper Nico B, TikToker’s Jack Joseph and Madeline Argy, and his Youtuber TBJZL for footer, Nando’s has also recruited his 2FM radio DJ Tarakumar.


The restaurant chain’s new foray into the fashion world has brought them in good company. Earlier this year, Newcastle’s premier bakery chain, Greggs, partnered with Primark for a collaboration with crocodile. Meanwhile, LIDL’s flashy house-brand sneakers became last fall’s surprise ‘It’ shoe. We hope that flagging your favorite high street spot is a trend that will continue. Indeed, a Nando bucket hat pairs beautifully with a Claire’s Accessories logo hoodie.


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