Marvel Studios’ new streaming TV show She-Hulk features actor Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk, in several scenes wearing a sports t-shirt made by Native-owned company Ginew USA.

Ginew is North America’s first native-owned denim company, owned and operated by married couple Amanda Bruegl (Oneida, Stockbridge-Mansee) and Erik Brodt (Ojibwe). In addition to running Ginew, Bruegl and Brodt are both full-time physicians.

Based in Portland, Oregon, the company’s self-described “Native Americana” products fuse Native American style with design elements from Ojibwe, Oneida, and Stockbridge Muncie, using heirloom-quality garments and premium materials. doing.

“We are the only American Indian owned denim brand that we know of in the world,” explained Brodt in an interview with Native News Online. “We started with something like a little lightning bolt in a jar. , made buffalo belts for everyone who attended the wedding. We became a brand overnight.”

The line has since been featured in Vogue, GQ, and now She-Hulk. The actor has proven to be a strong supporter of indigenous issues, and in 2016 he participated in the Carlisle Indian He School’s repatriation event and participated in the protests at Standing His Rock.

“Mark Ruffalo reached out to us beforehand and hooked us up with people from his staff and team to get the t-shirt designs. They really took it from there.” I think it was his advocacy that led us to be included in the Hulk’s wardrobe.

All Ginew clothing is ethically made. Brodt explained that he was at the Pendleton Woolen Mill factory when Ginew blankets were being produced.

“When people in the factory talk to me, they get so excited about our designs. Because it’s different, because there’s something different about this,” Brodt said. “There’s an indigenous people there. There’s a first-generation immigrant there. There’s his three, four, five generations of people working together as a family and they’re excited about our product. It’s pretty cool to have.”

Ginew secured a $500,000 investment from Raven Indigenous Capital Partners last month.

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