Companies are making 56x more revenue every day, connecting with their audiences and influencing them to become their own. clever Your brand should stand out and deliver impressively. When done well, it leaves a legacy known as a trend.

heads up! We teamed up with digital marketing expert Asher Ali Mirza to unlock the secrets of fast-growing revenue through digital strategy. Grab your notebook and start scoring points.

1. Before we get to business, tell us a little bit about yourself.

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I have spent the last ten years helping brands grow their revenue. From developing proximity marketing strategies to full-blown social media advertising and executing PPC campaigns, we have worked with nearly 150 leading brands and the top 15 digital media agencies. My team and I are currently working with 50 brands in diverse niche networks, including education, real estate, e-commerce, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, fashion industry, hospitality and tourism, and lifestyle.

I currently have a team of 25 people working with me to bring great value to the business. Officially named his digital marketing agency Digital Melons, he has worked on over 800 projects to date.

2. What made you a digital marketing fanatic?

Ever since high school, I have loved marketing. As we move towards digital, we enjoy testing out the latest marketing tools and seeing how they can help our business. That’s the beginning.

3. What is a successful campaign?

A digital marketing technique that brings high sales to your goals and ultimately triggers sales and a loyal community – that’s a successful campaign. If you ask me about strategy, the answer is simple. Much like my coffee, I am a big fan of performance marketing techniques that are very noisy and intense.

The success of a campaign is based on the right message to the right audience, meeting the right objectives.

4. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking for digital marketing solutions?

That’s my favorite part to discuss! Entrepreneurs are connected to their work. These beautiful souls are enthusiastic, brave, and optimistic. Since this journey is about learning and gaining, we recommend a few things that can save you time, energy, and money.

Don’t avoid or fear advertising costs, even on new pages. It’s not about conversions or leads. Instead, spend your advertising dollars in the right places. Keep sharing and experimenting. Do your best to bring out the essence of your brand digitally.

5. How can businesses grow with digital marketing?

It’s fast paced and should update us all. This makes you more competitive. There are so many factors behind choosing digital marketing along with more sophisticated outputs. Similarly, social media has improved the image of brands by gaining large followings online.

Businesses shouldn’t overlook the power of social media marketing, SEO, and PPC. Instead of burning money to get views and likes. Seek strategic help to ensure great results.

I’ve spent over $5 million on advertising, and I’ve found that it all depends on a great idea, great content, and a great performance strategy. That’s why our experts can help you transform your business into a brand.

6. How can we connect with you for incredible digital growth?

I am always available to help and do my best to serve your business. Please visit my website and contact me at Follow my social media channels for the latest marketing insights.

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