Sheridan The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the state of Wyoming have launched a new pilot program to connect rural veterans to telemedicine and mental health resources.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) and Wyoming State Parks posted flyers at rest stops in Wyoming to help veterans connect to VA resources while traveling. Flyers share information about veterans’ telemedicine options, nearest VA locations, and veterans crisis lines, allowing veterans to access care based on urgent, emergency, or routine medical needs .

VA worked with Wyoming as an early adopter because Wyoming is the least populated state according to the 2020 Census. Wyoming, her 10th largest state in the country, maintains more than 6,900 miles of her highways, including interstate and state highway systems. VA worked closely with her WYDOT to provide information at 33 rest stops across the state.

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“WYDOT is excited to participate in any initiative that helps support and care for veterans,” said WYDOT Director Luke Reiner. “While Wyoming is the least populated state, we see heavy traffic on our highways, both tourist and commercial vehicles. is a great way to make sure you know what options are available.”

A large part of this collaboration will also focus on veterans’ access to mental health care while traveling. Wyoming State Parks support the quality of life of all Wyoming citizens, so this initiative is a great opportunity.

“Wyoming State Parks is actively working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to promote the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors,” said Deputy Commissioner Nick Neilon.

This commitment also reflects the VA’s focus on working with the communities and government agencies where veterans receive care. The Sheridan VA Health Care System provides that care to Wyoming veterans in his three-quarters of the state, and the Cheyenne VA Health Care System provides care in the southeastern part of the state.

“Serving the veterans who have served our country is a collective effort,” said Pam Crowell, Sheridan VA Health Care System. “Cheyenne VA Director Paul Roberts and I are grateful for this collaboration with the State of Wyoming.

Rural health care is often limited due to various challenges related to funding, care requirements, and vast geography. The campaign connects veterans with veteran resources to help maintain continuity of care within the Veterans Health System based on ‘anywhere from anywhere’ telemedicine using Veterans Video Connect.

After rolling out the project in Wyoming, VA plans to continue the effort in other local states.

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