Zoe Metcalfe*

According to the Foundation Relations Manager at the University of North Texas Health Science Center: Zoe Metcalfe,

“The University of North Texas Health Science Center (HSC) has been a part of the Fort Worth community for over 50 years, but many people realize we are here and new to what we do. HSC is one of the nation’s most prestigious academic and medical centers, located on a 33-acre campus in the Fort Worth Cultural District.We are committed to expanding the frontiers of scientific discovery while building the future. Train health care providers HSC Health, HSC’s clinical business, provides patient-centered care to people throughout Tarrant County We provide health care education, promote community health and Dedicated to promoting welfare.

Pediatric Mobile Unit*

“Did you know that our mission is to create solutions for healthier communities? Or, as a values-based organization, we strive to serve others first every day. You may ask yourself how does the university live up to these high ideals: our aim is not to educate medical or health-related students, is it? What does that have to do with caring for our neighbors and communities and making Fort Worth healthier?

Christina Robinson**

“One of our signature outreach activities is our pediatric mobile clinic. You may not be aware that 11.8% of children in Tarrant County are uninsured. provides quality health care to children living in underserved areas of the world.Working with the Fort Worth Independent School District, where 85.4% of students are classified as disadvantaged, this unit provides addressing common barriers to access to healthcare experienced by many families in Tarrant County, PMCs are part of the healthcare safety net for the most vulnerable citizens PMCs provide access to hospitals and It is the only pediatric mobile health provider in Texas and the only pediatric mobile health service provider in Tarrant County, deployed by a graduate school rather than the healthcare system.

UNTHSC Foundation*

“Recent patient encounters demonstrate the true impact of this important study.” Christina Robinson, the medical director examined the patient at the clinic in December. A 7th grade child showed signs of neurofibromatosis, a serious genetic disease. Prior to the PMC visit, the child had not received actual routine or professional care and had not been diagnosed with this condition. The PMC team took action, contacted a joint partner to secure funding for appropriate treatment, and contacted a pediatric neurologist who was willing to treat him. It also linked the family to a Texas program for children with special medical needs because he will need lifelong care and monitoring.Without PMC, this young man will change his life. You may not have received critical care.

“The mobile pediatric clinic is just one example of the incredible work HSC faculty, staff and students are doing that could not have been done without your support. Not every community has a champion like HSC, so join us in creating solutions for healthier communities through education, research and community outreach. makes a big difference here in Fort Worth.”

* Photo credit: Zoe Metcalf 
** Graphic/photo provided by UNTHSC

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