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When my son started attending Catholic preschool, I was introduced to the morning offering prayer. At that time, my parents were encouraged to stay for morning prayers and announcements, so this prayer became part of my daily routine and eventually found a place in my heart, and from the start of the day It helped me focus my thoughts on Jesus.

Recently, I remembered the beginning of this prayer. , works and delights.

➤ Prayer: As a child, I was taught to offer prayers of thanksgiving, petition, contrition, and praise to God. I also pray in my own words, but the prayers I memorized in school became more meaningful as I grew up.

➤ Suffering: A Salesian sister taught me in high school to ‘give it’. As I grew spiritually, I came to a better understanding of giving up my suffering for others, and ultimately for Christ’s own comfort. . In times of darkness and pain, by the grace of God, I have experienced the sweetness of offering my sufferings to Him through the intercession of Mary. It reminds me to welcome the suffering of life.

➤ Works: Reading the autobiography of St. Thérèse of Lisieux has made me more open to humility and service, to finding happiness and blessings even in difficult and tedious tasks. The practice of devoting his daily work to God helped him make choices that reflected Christ’s love and goodwill, even if only slightly. turn it into something bigger.

➤ Joys: It may come as a surprise, but these are the words that made me pause. The Lord has given me the gift of great joy. I often “show” my Heavenly Father lavish praise and gratitude, but I realized that I had never “give” joy to him with pride.

Then, when I deliberately lifted up my joy and invited him to receive it, believing that through Mary he would best use it, my joy was not “taken” but in Christ. It turned out to be one that coincided with and magnified the joy of How glorious is our God!

Thank you, Lord, for bringing Catholic education into our lives (in schools and at home) and for teaching us to take our time and entrust everything to You for Your greater glory.

A native of New Orleans, Charla Misse feels blessed to worship, work and play in her hometown. She supports various charities, participates in St. Dominic’s Church Finance Committee, Boy She is the Scouts of America’s Den She is a leader and a coordinator of religious emblems. She loves the outdoors and laughing with her family.

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