newly discovered dinosaur Mbilesaurus lahtithe remains of other Triassic animals pictured here were also recovered from northern Zimbabwe. (Image credit: Andrei Atuchin)

The oldest definitive dinosaur species ever discovered in Africa, and one of the oldest to walk the Earth, was discovered in Zimbabwe, a new study has found. hit the evolutionand one of the most fundamental questions of Triassic paleontology, why did dinosaurs inhabit only part of the ancient supercontinent Pangea?

Scientists began studying the Pebbly Arkose Formation in northern Zimbabwe in 2017. Mbilesaurus lahti, a nearly complete skeleton, named after the Shona dynasty “Mbile” that once ruled the region. The species is named after Michael Raath, who contributed to the discovery of the first fossils in the area.About 230 million years old, this specimen is on par with the oldest dinosaur I have found it.Their results were published online in the journal on Wednesday (August 31) Nature (opens in new tab).

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