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Marketing – InteractiveThe Agency of the Year Awards is a prestigious premier event held in Singapore that recognizes and rewards the best performing Agencies in the industry each year. For the past two years, the awards ceremony was held online as the global pandemic necessitated stay-at-home and safe distancing measures. Fast forward to 2022, when COVID-19 restrictions have largely been lifted, Marketing – Interactive Once again, the ceremony can be held directly at the glamorous Shangri-La Hotel.

Many agencies have won various awards, some even won multiple awards at once. One of them was his OOm, a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore. Founded in 2006, OOm offers a complete suite of digital marketing solutions to give clients the support they need for their online campaigns. From SEO services to his SEM integration and more, this digital agency has proven to be an unrivaled industry leader in expertise. In this interview article, Ian Cheow, his CEO and co-founder of OOm, reveals his insights and explores how his success came about.

Please tell us about your agency. What makes us different from other agencies?

Apart from PSG Grant’s Digital Marketing Package, we provide end-to-end full-fledged digital marketing services to our clients by being present at all touchpoints from the beginning to the end of their digitalization journey. For example, we help you develop your website because it is essential for your new business. After that, promotion is key, so we leverage a variety of digital marketing strategies, including SEO, SEM, social media, and content marketing services. Consider us your one-stop digital solution partner. By enhancing convenience and cohesion, he no longer needs to procure multiple agencies that specialize in only his one area of ​​digitization.

How do you feel about having eight wins? What does it symbolize for you?

It was a truly special night and our team was proud of the accomplishments. It’s nights and accomplishments like this that keep us moving as an award-winning digital marketing agency and make years of hard work and effort worth it. What made the night even more memorable was coming back physically after two years of attending awards online. The atmosphere and being able to connect and engage with other agencies face-to-face made it a surreal experience.

How do you attract the right people while balancing work ability and attitude?

Providing a great work environment is the first step to attracting and motivating the right people.

OOm is proud to be an open communications and collaborative digital marketing agency. Sharing thoughts and opinions is highly encouraged as we believe it helps us evolve and improve. In addition, productivity tools were used to automate workflows, increasing efficiency and capacity. This allows you to focus on more important business needs while saving time in other areas.

What are the factors that make client-agency relationships more meaningful today?

We believe trust and transparency are essential to building more meaningful client-agency relationships today. One of the ways we achieve this is by having an open communication style with our clients.

As a digital marketing company, you need to be able to prove your worth in order to earn the trust of your clients.

All partnerships come with concerns. In these cases, open communication and transparency are key to addressing and resolving potential issues. For example, give all your clients access to your account so you can see exactly where their money is spent and how well it’s working.

What core capabilities are you looking to build for 2023?

We are constantly enhancing our internal systems and processes to increase the efficiency of our team. The digital landscape is constantly evolving and changing, so there is no room for stagnation. Just because it’s working now doesn’t mean you can leave it alone.

We are always looking to upgrade our better CRM, software and processes to stay up to date and provide a strong competitive advantage for digital marketing agencies to compete. .

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